starting chemo in june 12

Hi to all you diamond chicks hopefully ive joined the right posts!! Hi Rosey thanks for the kind words and also hi Elli hope you are all doing well and keeping it together Gail xxxxxx

Hello hunnybunny,
I joined not so long ago and all ready feel part of an extended family :slight_smile: I’ve ‘met’ some truly amazing people and know that at the click of a button you can talk and share your feeling and experiences.
I have already had my mx with LD reconstruction and am due to start my chemo in less than 2 weeks!..eeek!

Off for some more wig hunting!
X Hannah

were do u look 4 wigs hanna huggs to u hun xx

sorry Donna, i didn’t see your message there and by the time you get this you may have already found one. I just went into google and typed local wig stores to Aylesbury/Buckinghamshire. I also found a fab website called A range of prices, but some really beautiful wigs.

hi hunnyunny yes this post is a lovely post lovely ladies that put your mind at ease .and thanks hanna i was given a number to phone i think its to get a fee wig? xx love to all chicks xx

hi Hanna. My hospital is giving me a voucher for a free wig. Hope I get it before all the hair falls out! Also plenty of wig stores on-line if you want to buy one. XX

My nhs wig appointment is next Monday at 9am. If they have one I like then I can take it that day which will be good. It depends if it looks nice and real enough, if not then I have a couple of other wig options.
Had a lovely day today with a dear friend and her daughter, we spent the best part if the afternoon trying on my scarves and being pirates.
I am very determined to keep my hair, but a friend posted a link mailonline: Rapunzel Rapunzel. Where a young school girl had her hair chopped for the first time and donated 17in to a cancer wig charity… Makes my 21cm ponytail donation look measly! It made me smile and kind of put things in perspective. Inspiring if anything.
Any who, OH making homemade Cornish pasties and they smell lush!
Take care y’all xx

Hello all,
Have just had the first of the three FEC. It was okay and decided to go for the cold cap.
I asked the oncologist about this today - apparently - there is a difference in opinion between haematologists and oncologists. In twenty five year experience, the onc. has never come across an ‘escapee doing a runner’ because of the use of a cold cap relating to Breast Cancer. So, I went for it.
I was okay after about 15 minutes. I think the main problem was the weight - trying to hold my head up and have a conversation was tricky (and made more difficult by my OH singing the theme tune to Ski Sunday, closely followed by the one for show jumping.) Well, at least I gave it a go…nurse said the hair was unlikely to stay because of the FEC, but you never know. I am hoping for the best.
I felt terrible when I got back home. Went completely white and thought that I was the start - surely, not that quick. Hubby has now fed and watered me, and feeling much better. My advice is to make sure you eat… I think that was my problem.Not enough food today - combination of worry etc. Now feeling okay…and needing a cornish pasty thanks to Hannabananax.
Also,going for a wig on Monday. They have ordered in three which don’t look too bad. I also had a scarf trial which was good.

Hi girls - you seem to have started a duplicate thread as there was already a starting Chemo in June one which has lots of members, you may get more responses if you join in the discussions on that one.
Hope I’m not interfering - I am on the May thread!

Hope you are all coping ok with your Chemo sessions.
Good luck L xx