starting chemo in june 2014

Just waiting to hear from chemo nurse for date absoultey terrifeid and waiting for scans anyone else be going through chemo this month?

Hi Jinny, I have had my chemo but can understand the terror. On the first day I couldn’t get out of the toilet and cried like a baby ( I am 67 ! )Rang the hospital and they were so kind, I managed to get there and I can honestly say it was nothing like I had expected.

They explain everything as you go along, and it was over before I knew it, tea and biscuits delivered by hospital volunteers helped.Take along a friend and/or a book ,magazine or just sit back close your eyes and imagine it killing any bad cells.

When you get back home rest and be kind to yourself.

Any problems ring them and they will have the support you need.

Im just as scared of the scans with having positive lymphs and 2 tumors i just keep thinking it spread all over just wish i coud stop been so negative but all i ever get is bad news!

Hi, I start my chemo on Monday 2nd June. I am expecting to get every side effect going so any i dont happen to get will be a bonus!

Hi everyone.


I was supposed to be starting chemo in April but due to complications with my reconstruction this was delayed. It will definitely now be June and I have an appointment with onc for bloods etc on 2nd of June.


I’m also terrified but I’m sure that we’ll all support each other.


Rach xxx

Hi there, I’m due to start chemo any day now, I’m just waiting to hear from the hospital. I live in the UAE and things aren’t quite as well informed out here so I’m looking for some good online support. I had a double mastectomy with immediate reconstruction 7 weeks ago. Lymph nodes were negative. I’m due to start 4 cycles of 3 weekly AC then 12 cycles of weekly Taxol. I’m keen to get started ASAP so it can be done by Christmas. I was offered cold capping but have declined as I don’t want to be at the hospital for any longer than needs be… I’ve got 2 girls aged 8 and 6 and they finish school at 2.15 and then have lots f after school activities so I need to be in and out as quick as possible… I’m dreading this bit…

I’m expecting to start this month, I have an appointment on Friday with chemo nurse, not sure what for thinking a it may be for blood test and assessment. Very worried but also want to get treatment going. Don’t want to feel terrible all the time and also don’t know how I’ll cope losing my hair at 29 :frowning: but going to fight this whatever it takes. Sure we’ll all get to know each other better and support each other over the next few weeks, hugs xxx

I just got the call - heading in for first dose now… Gulp…

Good luck mummy2dolly, first step on the journey to kicking butt!

All done! I was there about 4 hours, it took just as long to give all the pre meds as it did to give the chemo drugs! I feel fine, bit sleepy but think that’s due to all the meds… 1 down, 15 to go!! Hopefully if I don’t get sick I’ll get my last dose on the 7th November…

Well done mummy2dolly! Hope that you carry on feeling well :slight_smile: xxx

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Went to see chemo nurse on Friday and found out will be starting chemo tomorrow, having docetaxel first (joy!) for 3 sessions then FEC for 3. Had to start taking the steroids today which was a little strange as felt like making the first step in treatment. Not looking forward to giving myself injections for the week after chemo either but I suppose at least treatment is starting. Mummy2dolly how are you holding up?

Also good luck mummyraff for tomorrow, hope all goes as well as it can. I’ve gotta go in early before my chemo as had a PICC line fitted on Thursday and it’s been giving me heart palpitations at times since so hopefully they can get to the bottom of that. Think it may need pulling out a little. Anyone else got a PICC? Just wondered if anyone else gets the same?

Hiya All

Thought I had joined this forum but can’t see my post. My appt with the oncologist is  on the 11th June so hope to start chemo soon after. Hope the wait isn’t too long. For me the waiting is always the worse.

Hiya All

Thought I had joined this forum but can’t see my post. My appt with the oncologist is  on the 11th June so hope to start chemo soon after. Hope the wait isn’t too long. For me the waiting is always the worse.

Hi there,
I am starting chemo on 12 June - 6 cycles of FEC. Reading all the tips and advice on the forum is helping me get prepared and I really appreciate the kindness of contributors in sharing experiences. It will be great to share experiences with others here on the forum starting chemo around the same time as myself. I live in Belfast in case there is anyone else in this area who would like to get in contact.
Hope all goes well. x

Hi everyone.


Good luck to mummyraff and runner29 for tomorrow. I’ve been for my pre assessment today and I’m starting treatment (FEC-T) on Wednesday (yikes!) I have come home with a prescription for Emend, which has made me feel better :slight_smile:


Does anyone know anything about the research that has been carried out re Piriton helping with bone pain after the GCSF injections? I have asked my oncology nurse about it today and she says that she knows nothing about it.


Hope that everyone is well.

Rach xxx

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Good luck mummyraff and runner29 for tomorrow.