starting chemo July, anyone else in same boat?


I cant find a July thread for starting chemo so thought I would start one of me own. I start chemo this moring
4 x cycles of TC, which I hope will be enough but oncologist might extend to 6. I had an 8mm, one node positive bc removed three weeks ago.
On top of that had a BRCA test yesterday, as my sister had bc at the age of 28, i’m 45, all a nightmare…
Is there anybody that would like to join the chemo journey with me? This site is fast becoming my saving grace, I don’t know what i’d have done without all the support from you lovely ladies.

Michelle xxxx

I start at the end of July and cant say I look forward to it at all. Good luck with your treatment - please keep me informed with how you do. I will be having 18 weeks Chemo then Herceptin for 1 year so this will be a big part of my life I guess. I had a mastectomy mid June and it seems there were 2 tumors - 1 very big and one little but all my nodes were clear. So … my focus is my daughter’s wedding in December…at least I wont be wearing a fascinator - thinking the bohemian scarf look!
As I said,Good luck.

There is already a thread for undergoing therapy in July in Undergoing Treatment Chemotherapy - I start next week!!!

hi ladies if you look there is another thread for july i have mine today 3 fec 3 tax xx