Starting Chemo Just after Christmas

Hi Ladies
I have secondary to lungs and bones, found last year after plueral effusion. Went on to Arimidex, which now has stopped working after PET scan showed activity. Switched then to Aromasin.
Following this, the fluid built up and had 900ml drained for comfort, but the remaining fluid isnt responding and decision made to start chemo just after Christmas. I dont know yet what I will have but I know unless I use cold cap, I will loose my hair.
My concern (amongst lots of others, but putting them all to the back of my mind) is what to do about my eye lashes and eye brows! Any suggestions gratefully received! Will I loose all my ‘other’ hair too? What about my - ever darkening with age - upper lip hair?

Hello H , I did the Cold Cap treatment during my Chemo and I never lost my hair. I was FEC T Chemo for 6 cycles and although it was very very cold I coped really well by wrapping a big scarf around my neck, taking a hot water bottle or hottie with me and drinking a hot drink provided by some lovely volunteers. It does take longer because you need to wear the cold cap for 30 minutes before any Chemo can drip into your veins, But I think it was well worth it.
Give it a go and stay strong. You know you can do it and we are all sending you love and hugs Tracy xxx

Hi HelHel,
Extent of hair loss might depend on the type of Chemo you have, I’m not sure. I had FEC, and lost all my hair. (I tried the Cold Cap but was losing so much and looking so odd, I gave up and wore a wig instead, however as Tracy said, lots of people do really well on it, so it is definitely worth trying).
Pretty much all my body hair went, except for my quite dark arm hair, which I would have been glad to get rid of!
My eyebrows got a bit thin and by the end alot of my lashes has gone, but not all. Both came back really quickly after I finished and lashes were lovely and thick. In fact most hair got a bit over enthusiastic but has calmed down a bit now.
Check and see if your hospital/Maggie’s Centre runs a Look Good, Feel Better course. This was a fun couple of hours where they show you some good make up tips and also you get a great goodie bag with loads of good products.
If you can’t get to a course, they do a DVD which is also useful, (google Look Good, Feel Better).
Good luck with your treatment.