Starting chemo on Tuesday 30th Nov


I’m 38 and start my chemo on Tuesday 3 x EC and 3-4 Tax. Just wondered if there are any of you starting around the same time so we could compare feelings / help each other along… I’m getting my hair cut tomorrow, its long at the moment so am getting it cut into a short bob and have also a couple of wig fittings booked. I’ve also had my eye brows and eye liner tattooed as my friend who had chemo a while back recommended i do this… So i feel quite organised but not prepared if that makes any sense?? Would love to hear from you all.

Oh one other thing, i’m having the chemo every 2 weeks as am a private patient so am having injections inbetween sessions to boost my white cells so again would love to hear if you’re having the same regeme…



I’m starting tomorrow 6xFEC! There is another thread with those people who have started since 15 Nov which I joined in on a couple days ago-it looks overwhelmingly long but that’s only because it’s a really active thread! I’ve found it super useful and have been out and bought my “chemo kit” from the tips on it! The link is

However, don’t feel you have to join in on that one, just thought it may help :smiley:

I’m Emma, 26 and diagnosed end of August. Since then have had double mx with recon and looking forward to getting on with treatment-slightly scared but feel reassured by everyone on this website and my nurses! I, too, had my hair cut short about a week ago, into a bob which annoyingly really suits me and looks really healthy-if only I had known that a year before it was about to fall out!!! I’ve got a wig fitting next Weds and my mate is coming with to “make a day of it” with wine and laughter hopefully although did buy three wigs of eBay today-bargain human hair ones! Im looking into eyebrown options too-didn’t think about tattooing but good idea!! I was looking at stick ons and make up although who knows if they will go-dont think they do for everyone!

Happy to share as things progress even though I’m on a three weekly cycle!

All the best!

Em x

Hi em good luck for tomorrow im sure you will be fine theres plenty of people there that will give you some gud advice.As for the tattoo eyebrows it maybe to late now as the healing prosess isnt as good as it shud be and you will be at a higher risk of infection i used a pencil use to practice when they were still there grew back better take care

Hi Sarah

Like Emma I am starting FEC x 6 tomorrow, and have gathered together all the bits suggested in the other thread.

Bought a wig Monday and had a HeadStrong appointment today, useful for trying on different styles of headgear and it was good to chat (physically) over lots of things, as well as hair!

Am having my hair clippered off a week on Saturday, have worked out that I am more worried about the process of it falling out rather than having no hair!!

Bring tomorrow on, next step started, have waited a while (found lump mid-Aug, dx 11/9/10, had WLE and axillary clearance on 4/10), as with everything else, it’s the fear of the unknown that is p****g me off big time!!

Good luck Emma, tomorrow and Sarah for Tuesday!!

Will let you know I go!!

SJ xx

Hi Sarah

I’m on the starting my pink road of chemo thread as well. yes there are loads of us on there so it may take you a while to catch up but there’s some really good stuff on there (as well as a load of old rambling tosh - mostly from me) - it’s a lovely buunch of people who are all at the same roughly stage plus a few “old hands” who help us out with their experienced advice - JulieBtautus is our pinkie queen - the font of all knowledge & amazing sense of humour. It’s a great place to ask questions, share stuff & let of steam so please do join us if you feel you want to as we’ve just had a few newer people join in too. I’m a delayed chemo starter as I 've had probs with a non healing wound but am “hoping” to start on 10th. I’m on NHS bog standard 3 week cycle but I have heard of these 2 weekly cycles as they reckon it may be more effective but you need more support to enable your body to recover too so is prob only offered privately at the mo plus prob only if you are generally fit & well enough & younger too???

Hi SJ-glad to hear you had a productive day! Good luck for tomorrow- will be thinking of you In the morning xxx

Hi Sarah - I’m awaiting my start date for chemo - will prob be within next couple of weeks, so as you see, there are plenty of us!!!

The other thread is fab, very busy - come and join in! It can be daunting coming in on a thread that is well established, but in no time at all you’ll be either chatting away or throwing your hands up in disgust at how daft we all are!

And, very soon, you’ll be far more experienced than me…lol…

Of course, keep this thread running too - gives me somewhere else to waffle on endlessly!

I’m Sophie, by the way, 41, had left mx and axillary node clearance, now awaiting start date for 3FEC 3TAX, poss. rads and 5yrs tamoxifen…and two months ago I wouldn’t have had a bloody clue what that sentence meant.


Haha! Sophie soooooooooo true! I feel bilingual now in English and BC talk!

Feeling ok about tomorrow although admittedly the wine may have helped :wink:


Em xxx

Hehehe, it’s when I try talking to friends and expecting them to know what I’m on about… FECK? What the hell is FECK??? and why I am being TAXED?!!

Good luck tomorrow, wine sounds like good thinking to me - we have to keep our fluid intakes up, after all!!

Sophie xx

hi Sophie and Emma

Do you think being bilingual in English and BC is something I can add to my CV - BC is the only foreign (not so foreign now tho’) language I in which I am fluent, I struggle with English most days :slight_smile:

Roll on 11am, just want to get on with it now!! Patience was never a strong point, but I am learning…

SJ xx

PS I am on the chocolate, was worried with the wine in case I started and didn’t stop!! Chemo and a hangover - not a winning combo - methinks!!

Ah, but you just blame the chemo for the headache/upset stomach and nobody would dream of accusing you of being hungover…

Good luck for tomorrow too, I’ll be thinking of you both.

My cv could certainly do with something impressive - I def. think we should add bc as a language skill. Wonder how many prospective employers would admit that they didn’t know what bc stood for? Think we could also add shorthand as a skill… just not admit that it is kind of specific to bc…!

Sophie xx

Hi, I was due to start on 30th, but have managed to rearrange to 9th December as I have a long weekend booked 3-6th Dec.

I am 34 and am having 6xFEC on 3 week cycles (so rearranging also means the 2nd one falls after Christmas instead of before)

I have been offered the ‘Cold cap’ and was wondering if anyone has any experience of it. The thought of 2hrs with a cold head is not appealing if it is only going to reduce the probability of losing my hair by a small amount. I’d got my head round losing my hair, which I have had long for years, so this option has now got me unsure again.

J x

Hi all
Back from the hospital, feel a bit of a fraud atm, just had cheese on toast and a coffee, feeling fine.

Needle went in ok, arm feels a bit strange while chemo going in, came home.

Took anti-nausea drugs before chemo, came home with plenty!

Feel a bit like a timebomb, waiting for the se to kick in!

Although unit very busy, everyone lovely.

Will keep you posted!

Emma, hope everything went ok for you too, today.
SJ xx


I’m 46, have triple neg and one node affected and I’m starting chemo on Thursday 2nd - having chemo first and then operation next year. Although I can’t be much help pre your date I am here and joining you afterwards. My overall attitude is Bring it on. I simply cannot wait to start battering this thing and am looking forward to Spring 2011, although I think winter 2010 is daunting at least I’m in a position where I’m dealing with it and not walking around blissfully oblivious to find something worse next year.

Wish you loads of luck for Tuesday, I can’t see how anything could be as bad as the period of “what on earth’s going on” that we’ve all had to go through and now this is all about getting better and not finding out what’s wrong.

Yours caringly

im kaz, i started the pink road thread and have to say its ace, we have about 25 regulars, all around the same time od dx, mx and cemo. we have a queenie who will help with tips,and we all support each other. jo hasnt started yet so your not alone.

try not to worry, its all sort of slots in over time, and youll be liek the others say well up on bc speak.
i shaved myhead last weekend, a week after first fec, it wouldnt have fell out till this weekend, but i took control of how and well. i decided against the cold cap, as not guanteed and if you do manage to keep yoru hair, you have to be careful with it, no heat,products ect, so for me i thought why bother xx
good luck for monday sarah


J - my onc. reckons the cold cap works ‘well’ in about 30% of cases, that another 20-30% keep ‘some’ hair, and it doesn’t work for the other 40+%. I figure with my luck, I’ll end up with a tonsure like a monk if I tried it, and the thought of sitting with my head in a cool bag for a couple of hours does nothing for me. Nope, I’m not going with it - I shall just clipper the lot off when it starts coming out, and just be downright bandana wearing gorgeous through the winter!

Others have been told it’s 50/50 as to whether you keep your hair, and I do understand that for some women it is a huge big deal, but I’ve been through the crewcuts/mohicans/convoy cuts in my twenties, so I know what shape my skull is, and figure I can live with it again!

It’s the make-up I’m not looking forward to - I have enough trouble with eyeliner, so the thought of drawing on/filling in my eyebrows does not inspire me with confidence!!!

You and me might be starting around the same time - I have my pre-chemo visit next Monday and get my start date then, and I know it’ll be before Christmas.

Sophie xx

S - hi there, and I’m loving your positive attitude! I’m 41, had a 3cm Grade 3 tumour, one lymph node affected, and have had a mx a fortnight ago (two weeks today! How time flies when you’re having fun). I’ll be having 3FEC 3TAX and poss. rads, followed by 5yrs tamoxifen - and just waiting for my start date - which will be sometime before Christmas.

This winter is all about kicking cancer’s butt, then starting to rebuild next year - it’s slowly dawning on me how long the arse kicking is going to carry on, but I’m now just tackling one hurdle at a time - it’s def. progressed from a slow walk to a sprint as the hospital appts. are coming thick and fast after the initial agony of waiting…

Sophie x

SJ - so glad you feel a fraud! Long may it continue xxxxx


Just wanted to add re the cold cap I too decided against as the idea of a freezing head just didn’t appeal esp if they couldn’t guarantee keeping the hair - like SOphie with my luck so far there’s no way it would work!!! It’s a very personal decision & I’ve seen some very positive posts saying it worked really well for some people. it really is pot luck - bit like BC too!!!
I had a WLE with node clearance on 5th oct, margins unclear so had Right MX on 29th - Triple neg with 3 nodes affected - 2 lumps - 1cm & 3cm. God that sound awful now I’ve seen it written down - Haven’t seen it in full for ages. Oh well it is what it is. anyhow have had probs with healing so have prov start date for chemo of 10th Dec then RADS after. I am 44 with no family history. like many other younger women on here I am the anomaly I think they should be worried about & doing research on -

Sophie feel like I’ve been kicking ar** in this stage for soooo long but kind of getting used to it

Just sat & worked out that RADS alone will cost us about £200 in petrol & parking. plus all our extra hosp visits I reckon we’ll have pi**ed away a couple of thou JUST on cancer stuff by the end. expensive business this BC!!!

Mind you I didn’t really NEED the new wig I bought yesterday at a stand in the shopping centre - but even OH agreed it was nice & good value so he “let” me have it - to add to the other 4 I already have hee hee. I decided to have fun with it & have a different look for different occasions so I shall have a supermarket shop wig, an at home wig, a going out daytime wig, a going out evening wig and maybe even a “you know what” wig (now how much use do you think that will get!!!)