Starting Chemo tomorrow (April)

Hi all, I wondered whether there were any ladies out there who are starting FEC soon; I start tomorrow at Leicester. I have had a mastectomy and SNB. I then had to have more surgery as they didn’t get good margins. After 2nd op the Surgeon told me I won’t need radiotherapy (HOORAY) as they were pleased with the outcome. However, I need chemo. As today might be the last chance I have, I have been gardening for England! Got loads of veg in, planted a few troughs out and cut our huge hedges. I am hoping that, come the summer months, I can watch it all grow while I am recovering.
Good luck to all those that are starting their road soon.

Sue xx

Hi Sue

Very best of luck.

You might want to change the title of your thread to include “April” so that others who are doing the chemo thang in April can all gang up on chemo and bash its head in!

I started on 10th March so not much in front of you. Best of luck, hope your anti-sickness meds work well for you, and that you can kick cancer’s butt. Or at the very least keep your own posterior out of reach of the more unpleasant side-effects.



Hi Sue

All the very best for your first chemo tomorrow, my thoughts are very much on this myself.

I am meeting Oncologist on Tuesday this week to discuss when I am due to start with my chemo so we will be going through it at the same time thats for sure.

I am dreading it but at the same time just wanting to get it over and done with, the waiting to get going is the worse.

Do keep us updated on how you are going, I feel sure that other members will be along very soon to join you.

Good luck
Tracy xxx

Good suggestion from CM - we need an April chemo thread!

Welcome Sue and the very best of luck tomorrow. I’m about a week behind you I reckon as I see my onc on Wednesday. Got my surgery results last week and ’ clear margins’ mean I get to keep my slightly wonky boob! Only one node involved too but even with that, I’ve been told 6 x chemo followed by rads. I’m also 50 something so definitely a few things in common! Let us know how you get on - I do hope it’s kind to you

All the best

Kathy x


just to offer my support really. I’m on No5 of 6. Most of the time i’ve been fine.

my best advice is to drink for England (not wine!), starting now! It’s supposed to help flush the chemicals through and so you have less to set off side effects.

Best of luck x

Hi again,

ChoccieMuffin, thanks for the suggestion; as you can see I have taken it on board.
All the ladies that have replied, Thanks and I hope it all goes well for you too. I have been fairly laid back about recent events but I have to say that the chemo worries me a bit. I have no real reason to suppose I will be any worse than anyone else but I find it difficult to get my head around being made to feel ill in order to get better again. I have always been very well up to now and to have to slow down now frankly p*sses me off. Ah well, onward and upwards!

Sue xx

Yes, forgot to mention drinking lots and lots and lots, even if it means having to go for a wee every half hour. It really does help to flush things through.

Best of luck to everyone with April starts.


Hi Sue

I start 3xFEC tomorrow, I have just completed 3xTax which was nothing like what I expected! Good luck and keep posting and we can compare note, good and bad!!

Best advice I can give you is take one day at a time, take a friend with you on chemo days and set a goal for mid cycle, maybe a trip out to the coast or meeting friends for a catch up not very exciting but it works for me.

Love Mel xx

Hi sue, i start my chemo tomorrow too, im in north wales, i am doing 3fec then 3tax!!! i too am quite anxious i have had chemo before bit as i understand it this is a little tougher, mel how did u get on with tax im quite nervous about that , ive got me bottled water at the ready!!! xxxx lets go girls!

Hi everyone starting chmo this week, Im having my 3rd fec this wed. Just to let you all know it is ok, yes you do feel ill for a while, but you come out of it & feel fine again. When you feel poorly, rest & when you feel fine do something nice for yourself.||After my firrt treatment I sat in the house waiting for somethinf awful to happen to me, but it didnt!. Yes I felt a bit sick, but not much, didnt need anti sickness tablets at all. yes i had bad wind, not nice, but you dont die from wind, I got really tired after 2nd treatment, but just have to listen to your body & rest. Dont know how Im going to react to 3rd fec but will deal with it, just keep thinking 1 more step closer to the finish line & we will ALL get over it, come on ladies lets do this together xx

ah crazylesley, me too, have had 2 fec so far and felt more tired after 2nd fec and felt down as was shocked at tiredness after fec1 which wasnt so bad, but u r right, it does pass, (not had the wind yet, maybe thats on its way) but after a week or so, came out of the tiredness and i have learnt to live with it and go with the flow, to listen to my body, felt like i was lazy restin so much but learnt it does me good and u do come out of it, last week was so much better felt more human and this week raring to go! we can do it ladies, we really really can xxxxxxxxx

Get used to taking naps. You will probably need to take several during the day in the first week after treatment, but that’s all ok, and a lot better than running yourself ragged and ending up back in hospital because you haven’t looked after yourself properly.

Hi Sue I’m also just behind you, having 6 FEC, and have had 2. Good luck today, again as others have pointed out, rest, drink lots of fluids, and listen to what your body needs. And if you do get any side effects, there is plenty of brilliant advice from people who have also experienced them here, I have found if invaluable.
Good luck again, and sending you a hug
Love BD xxx

Hi, I’ve got my final FEC (6) at the end of this week. I was worried sick before I started but as with many things it hasn’t been as bad as I thought.

*Plenty to drink before, during (if you can, certainly while waiting) and after. For a few days afterwards you may find frequent sips are better than lots at once.

*If anything scary happens phone the number you were or will be given. There are no prizes for bravery and if you need help you may need it fast.

*If you feel queasy or nauseous but aren’t actually sick, the tips repeated on various threads will help. If you know the feeling of ongoing nausea while getting over an illness, then the things that help you then will help you now. Very small meals and nibbling in between, for example, sipping water, and so forth.

*Keep notes. The steroids affect some people unpleasantly in different ways, so note side effects from those, too. If they’re not bad enough to phone up about, mention them at your next appointment with the oncologist. The dose can be adjusted to suit you better, either to make you less nauseous or to reduce the side effects. IF YOU DON’T TELL THEM, THEY CAN’T HELP YOU.

Good luck, everyone. It feels like forevery at times, but you will get through it all. Incidentally, 50something, being older can be an advantage here, as sometimes we react less strongly and less dramatically.


Good luck! I’ve had 3 lots of FEC so far and it’s not been too bad. Follow all the advice slavishly, look after yourself. I’ve gone a bit mad with things like Lactoferrin and ginger supplements and Manuka honey and decent multivitamins/minerals and I like to imagine it’s made a difference, even if it’s just some ‘placebo effect’ :smiley:

Ann x

Hi Sue
I’m starting my chemo on 5th May so would love to join this thread as I’m not far behind you. I’ve been doing the garden too, am hoping to actually remember to water it this year as usually I’m so busy at work I forget. Might actually have a decent garden this summer and something positive to think about during chemo. I’m having 3X FEC and 3X tax. It would be good to have someone to talk to during the chemo. Lots of luck
Rachel x

Hi girls
I am just off for my first dose …the rollercoaster is just climbing this hill…We are along for the ride!!! it will end, love to all Jeanette

Hi Sue,

I’ve just finished my chemo - 3 FEC and 3 Tax. I really understand how you feel. I was really fit and healthy before all the poisoning. I’m impatient to get back to my dancing. Just take it a day at a time and rest when you need to.

I am being treated in Leicester too - rads start tomorrow. I’m also 50 something - nearer 60 though!
PM me if you like and tell me who your consultant is.

Good luck to you and all those starting chemo.

Stella xx

I’m starting Chemo tomorrow (19th)- been to do bloods today, never been so quickly through our local bloods dept at the hospital! Every time I was in there for bloods for fertility I’d be waiting 45mins to an hour, I was in and out within 5 minutes - Bonus for having cancer eh? :wink:

I’m at Calderdale Royal in Halifax.

3 FEC and 3 Taxotere.

House has been completely cleaned, all washing on line, ironing done, food prepared, fresh bedding on, chemo caddy sorted out. Organising helps me feel like I have some control (bless!!)

Hi all

Good luck to all who have just started or about to start fec. I,m due my 6th in about 10 days time. I really can’t believe how quickly the time has gone. When i started on fec 1, it felt like i would never get to the end, but here i am - nearly finished woohoo! IT’s really not too bad. I think the fact that life seems to be put on hold is the worse part, so don’t despair like i,ve already said it soon passes.

top tip - when on the steroids you’ll feel like you have lots of energy, Don’t over do it! Do too much and you’ll get a big crash when you come off them.

Maria x