starting chemo, wound not fully healed anyone else had this?

HI there
I am starting chemo on Fri after lots of delays cos of 2 ops & wound not healing properly. It is still not fully healed but it will be 12 weeks since my first op so I am desperate to start. They were obviously concerned that after starting there may be issues with it not healing or possible infections cos of the body’d response the the chemo & low bloods etc.

Has anyone else had this - started chemo with their wound still not healed - If so can you let me know whether it caused any major problems. It has never been infected but I had a haemotoma which was drained 3 times then it burst so I have a hole which is still oozing
SOrry if that’s gross but am sure it’s not totally uncommon - or is it??
advice please

Hi millykins- you don’t say what ops you have had but after I had WLE/SNB and then level 3 node clearance within 2 weeks, the wound became infected and took a while- and 3 lots of antibiotics to heal- but I started my chemotherapy (3xFEC and 3x Tax) within 6 weeks of the 2nd op and it didn’t seem to be problem.
Good luck with your chemo.

Thanks for that - I had WLE & node clearance first followed 4 weeks later by MX due to unclear margins - think the double op is what caused probs as there’s a large area theat is sort of empty of any flesh where I think the two bits cross over & that’s the area causing the probs - I have a hole about 1cm by 1cm where the fluid oozes out but it has never actually been infected 9thank god!) - I had antibiotics when it burst it’s banks as a precaution but no more since - that was about 5 weeks ago & it is a lot better but just won’t do the final push. AM trying to put more pressure on the dressing to try to close the gap but they don’t seem desperately concerned cos there’s no actual infection

I had 1st Chemo nine weeks after op, still having seroma problems, had portacath op after first Chemo, stitches became infected but Chemo carried on! X

Hi Millykins, I started chemo whilst still not healed. My surgery was on the 20th of Feb and I started chemo on the 9th of April. I had my ‘good’ breast reduced at the same time, and this involved moving the nipple… it didnt heal properly and I still had a pea sized hole. It eventually closed, but I think I was half way through chemo by then. I was also concerned, but both my breast surgeon and plastic surgeon were happy for me to start… I think that chemo slowed down the healing, but that was all.
Wishing you all the best for your chemo starting

Hi Millykins

I had a bi mx and immediate recon with tissue expanders in early January. There was an area about the size of a 50p piece on my right scar line that wouldn’t heal but my onc & surgeon weren’t concerned about me starting chemo. At one point the wound became infected but a dose of antibiotics quickly cleared it up. I started chemo at the beginning of February and the wound finally healed mid April. There’s no doubt that chemo doesn’t aid healing but it doesn’t seem to cause the doctors any concern.

Hope all goes well for you through your chemo xx

Thanks that’s reassuring - I assume they would delay further if it was a major prob & of course I would listen but after all the delays so far I am desperate to start - I know a ridiculous thing to WANT - but I just want to get it over with & waiting so long has been really hard.

Thanks for your posts it has really helped me - I can cope with keep dressing it etc & if it does take longer then so be it but I have got so used to it now it will sort of seem strange not to have it to look after!!! I’ve become a dab hand at it now & never take chances with cleanliness - but it does look like a nurses station in our bedroom sometime!!!

Hello all - I too had just been opened up and ‘cleaned’ because of infection in the original op. And this was 2 weeks before chemo and no problems. So best of luck to you. Have passed the 1st year marker and feeling good so wish the same to you. xxxxx

not sure if it’s a coincidence but after my first fec on Friday the wound had miraculously stopped weeping to just a dribble!!! so am hoping it may start to heal properly in the next week
Thnaks again to those that posted it helped me a lot

Great news, wishing you a speedy healing. Hope the chemo is kind to you

spoke too soon - call from BCN today informed me it is infected so am now on horse pill antibiotics - ah well should countercat the constipation from the chemo maybe!!! la la la