Starting Epi-CMF 24th July, anyone else??

Hi all

I’m starting Epirubicin on Thursday 24th, then CMF and then Herceptin for 12 months. Is there anyone else starting this regime about the same time so we can swap notes?


Hi Polly

I am having the 4th of my Epi’s this Friday, then having the same treatment as you apart from a bit of Radiotherapy. I wish you all the best for your treatment. I found the wait for the 1st one to be the worst, but was surprised that I didn’t, and still haven’t actually felt that bad!! I feel a bit sick (Morning Sickness) for the 1st few days, but find eating helps, and quiet tired (Hangover) for a few days after too. Apart from that it has not been as bad as I thought. I have no hair and a sore arm, and I would say these have been the worst side effects I have suffered.

I hope you get on ok.
Love Lian

I have just started Epi.

1sy one on 14th july - I feel almost normal today apart from low blood pressure.

I took the anti sickness meds and did not feel too bad, yeah, morning sickness - so I over did it!!!
then I felt very tired. I think next time I will try to take it easy.

suck the lollies for your mouth and use the warm blanket for your arm.

good luck


Hi Polly,
I am recently finished what you are about to embark upon. It is a long old haul and has its ups and downs so I wish you luck and love. You will find much support on this site and ring the helplines if you need to. It really is worth the effort in the end.Also just remember that everyone is different…you get sick of people telling you that but it is true!!!
Thinking of you on Thursday,

Hi Polly,

the fear of the treatment is almost as bad as the drugs I think. I had my first epi on the 18th, can’t say I feel great but not too bad I spose!

I would read the top tips for chemo and get yourself as well prepared as you can. Insist on a warm blanket for your arm and take some lollies to suck.

Best of luck and there are always lots of peolple on here to help you.

Best wishes


Hi all

Thanks for your kind comments. I think your right the anticipation is probably worse than anything. I am dreading losing my hair. I want to try and carry on working when I can. Perhaps that’s a bit optimistic but I’ll have to see how I feel. I have got the mouthwash, soft toothbrush etc and have made a list of all the other top tips.

Gillian - you had your first epi on 18th, have you started to lose your hair yet? I presume you mean ice lollies?


i had my first epi last wednesday and just feel a bit sick. Very tired some days and ok some others. my scalp is just starting to feel sore, didnt fancy cold cap. taste buds are gone. mornings are better ro eat what you like then after lunch taste goes I just then have soup and toasted soda bread. fruit 1st thing in the morning is good. No protein with it tho cos of the chance of yeast developing when you dont need it to. give it a clear hour before eating anything else. I’m drinking loads now, but not water it tastes like sucking a washer. I made pineapple lollies they are great in the afternoons just before tea.
Hope all goes well and just remember we’re all here holding hands

Big hug

hi polly

suck on lollies during chemo stop nasty mouth


I think I’ve got off lightly with this!!!

My mouth is fine and I can’t stop eating…never was a problem tho…tee hee

Having read a lot of entries I think it is a good thing to drink as much water as you can at least a day before, plenty on the day and eat a good deal too. A good healthy lining to the stomache of;porridge and a banana for breckie, M and S sandwiches, a fruit smoothie and ice lollies as it went it, maybe as I say, I am just lucky?

Felt cr*p yesterday but I am all bouncy bouncy today, long may it last.
I keep grabbing at my head but no sign of Autumn yet in the hair department

Only lost a few hours from work really, maybe not as focused as I can be, but needs must

Love to all and good luck Polly

Hi Polly

I’m starting the same course as you with first epi tomorrow. Spent 5 hours at hosp today having PICC put in (staff shortages). Had long chat with nurse as I’m beginning to panic about the sickness and my phobia of vomiting so she prescribed me Lorazepam - I will probably be zonked out before I get there! Have an appointment next Friday to discuss wigs but not sure if I’ll go down that road yet, might get one of those fake fringe things and wear with a scarf.

I’ve also found the top tips really useful and on my way home stopped off to stock up with soft toothbrush, mouthwash, etc. I know lots of our cyber friends have recommended sucking ice lollies while having treatment but my nurse said she rather I didn’t as, like the cold cap, the low temperature prevents the chemo from reaching those parts so boiled sweets were suggested (said I could have ice lollies afterwards).

I hope it wasn’t too bad for you today and it would be good to hear how you are progressing.

Take care

Hi, glad you are still good Gilllian.

I am 11 day after first Epi now.

Am feeling normal again but my bloods are at their lowest = risk of infection.
Mouth slightly sore - keping it clean and washed.

Having a Groshong line next week

Still have hair. I am going away for the weekend so taking scarves and wig, just in case!!

back next monday.


Hi girls

Well I had my first epi yesterday. The long wait between bloods and treatment is a bit of a bind, but they give you a bleep so you can go off and do whatever you want, so I think I’ll go shopping next time!! It wasn’t as bad as I thought. Feel fine this morning, apart from a bit of a headache, so the anti-sickness drugs are working. The steroids didn’t keep me awake either. I am sure this won’t last though I’ll probably feel bad later, but if stays like this I can get through it.

I ordered my wigs at the hospital yesterday too, they will post them to me in 7 days. I can keep one and either send the other 2 back or buy them at cost. I don’t know if I will have the courage to wear it though.

Anyway, keep smiling.

Love and hugs
Polly xx

Hi all

Spoke too soon about steroids. Day 4 and haven’t managed to sleep at all really. Taken last one today so will probably catch up with me tomorrow. Just feel a bit sick really but the constipation is BAD in spite of the prunes etc.

Hope your first one went OK Debbie.

Polly x

Hi all,

Polly-sorry you are stil poorly but there is light at the end of the tunnel I hope. i am now 1 week past 1st epi and feeling good! Just so happy to feel vaguely human again. I still have an omni-present headache but other than that I am fine, so hopefully you will be too soon. I was told not to take steroids past 3 oclock in afternoon and dint have too much trouble sleeping.

Debbie- hope it went OK for you? let us know how you are?

Gill-hope you are feeling better now, and had a good weekend again.

Speak to all you lovely ladies soon

Hi all

Well I am 1 week after my first epi now. I feel great today, really hungry though. The nausea lasted a whole week, which surprised me, but I’ll be ready next time.

The Dexamethasone either kept me awake or gave me nightmares (which is a a side effect apparently).

No hair loss yet, but scalp feels strange so I think it is on its way.

Debbie - how are you doing? Hope your first one went OK.

Polly xx

I kept taking the don perignon till yesterday as I couldn’t face being poorly.

Have started to loose hair in the front bottom department so going home to get some tighter knickers before going out tonight, Just hope the hair holds till I get back!

Take care all

Hi ladies, yes I am here but just had an crap week. Didn’t feel too bad last Saturday but not well enough to go out (it was my birthday as well!) and then it all started going downhill, feeling sick and tired. Took all my meds and slept like a baby, the dexamethasone didn’t give me any side effects unless I was in such a deep sleep I didn’t notice the nightmares. Had to send out for the don perigon and still taking it today but at last starting to eat again although can’t face tea or coffee.

Had PICC line flushed today and a slap on the wrist because I haven’t been to the toilet in a week so rushed to Boots to stock up on lax - if I don’t go by Saturday they’ll be calling me in. Anyway I hope this is the start of feeling relatively normal, at least for the next 2 weeks and Polly & Gillian I’m so glad you are both OK.

Have an appointment with wig person tomorrow, apparently if there is nothing suitable I can get a voucher for Dingles but I don’t think they mean to spend on a handbag! I’m sure these meds are warping my humour. I am trying to avoid brushing my hair just in case it starts but I’m sure I’m beginning to look like a scarecrow and people are being too polite to say anything. Gillian, you made me laugh out loud, did you get the tighter knickers? Anyway, isn’t the loss of our feminine charms happening a bit quick? I was told it would start after the 2nd treatment so 2 weeks and counting.

It’s great to be in contact with you both and I hope we can help each other through this.

Take care

Hi Ladies

My hair started to come out 16 days after first chemo and gave it number 3 just after second but had to shave it all bout week later as headaches got worse and painful to touch or lie on


Hi Ladies

Hope you don’t mind me jumping in?

Met with my onc today, I will be starting Epi on the 14th, and a bit nervous of whats to come, it helps to read others experiences.

Can any one advise on where I can get some nice head scarfs? Will also stock up on tighter knickers…Gillian! Oh and are the wigs provided by the NHS any good?

Going to check out the “top tips”

Take care all

Catherine x

Hi all,

the NHS wig I got is reaally good, not sure if I will wear it but it’s nice to have it in reserve. Lots of hippy places do nice scarves, try and get some soft cotton or rough silk rather than anything too slippy I think. Also Catherine, you could try Buff Headwear, Im not sure how they will look and they seem a bit pricey for what you get, but they have lots of nice colours and patterns.

I have sent OH out for a bottle of gin as I intend to shave the hair off tonight !!! It has started to loosten I think and I am tired of waiting for it to go of it’s own accord.

I am currentl sporting a pair of control pants that have a part leg to them, so don’t feel too worried that I will be leaving whirling clouds of curly hair in my wake!

Love to all