starting epirubicin/CMF on 18th July

My son lived inManchester for a year, he came back south in December.

Yes - no sick pay - just the weekly incapacity benefit. Need to work for normality as well as money.

My chemo is for secondaries - 1st diagnosed in 1999= lumpectomy, radio therapy and tamoxifen; 2nd 2003 = mastectomy and leterozol, tried Zoladex didn’t like it and had hysterectomy; now in bones, pleura, lungs and liver whoops!

not had chemo before - maybe I should have had , I will never know.

hope you enjoy your party - a bit - anyway.

Thanks Gill

Did enjoy the party and ended up staying later than planned. Had a dance and a few drinks and felt normal for a few hours.

Did I read on another thread that you are starting Epi today? If so, hope it all goes well. One to cross off! Come back and let us know how you’re getting on.

I’m sorry to hear about your secondaries and hope they don’t give you too many problems. Have they just been diagnosed? It’s been a long road for you hasn’t it? I was only diagnosed last month and just can’t imagine…

Can’t blame your son going back south!

Must dash. Taking my son & family to the airport (we should have been going on holiday with them too).

Take care

Mal x

Wooohooo 3rd chemo over and done with! I have felt a bit worse with this one, a little more nauseous, and a little more tired. Hopefully I will start to perk up again tomorrow. The arm pain has gone away a bit now, the nice chemo nurse soaked my arm in a sink full of warm water before putting the horrible toxic stuff in, I think it helped. Luckily my bloods seem to be ok, no one has said any different to me anyway! …maybe I should ask more questions?? I suppose I just take it that everything will be fine…stupid maybe, but it works for me.

Hope you are all doing well.

Love Lian


I did it - took all day - 2hours to find a cooperative vein. Drugs ok, easy! Having line fitted before next one.

glad you enjoyed your party.

I will see how I am tomorrow. Got to go to London to see my son in a show on thursday, Friday and Saturday so must be better by then.

Mal I will let you know how it is for me


So far so good for you then. Let’s hope it stays that way. A line - the thought of that scares me more than chemo!

London sounds good. Are you staying over or do you live within driving distance? What sort of show is your son in? Hope you have a great time and that you feel OK.

I was told by the onc last week that my chemo would be starting this Friday and I mentioned that we would have to cancel our holiday. Yesterday I got a call from the trials nurse who said I could put chemo back a week if we still wanted to get away for a break. So I’ve put it back a week and booked flights to Spain for tomorrow! Can’t wait although I was a bit torn. I really want to get cracking on the chemo but a break with kids and grandkids will be good.

Keep posting and updating and I will catch up next Wednesday when I get back. Really hope you have an easy time over the next week - you deserve it.

Mal x

Hi all,

so sorry you have been travelling such a long road Gill! I am also hoping they will put a line in, I am more woried about the mess they will make of my lovely veins than having the line in. we wil see I guess.
glad it was OK for you, I have my first epi on Friday, I will let you know.

Glad Mal got away on hols, it’s as important as anything I think to keep life good.

Lian, good for you, one more to go of the red devil (epi)? keep your pecker up

Mal, hope this catches you before you go. good decision, enjoy the sun.
Phil is a Ballet Student at Central school of ballet in the second year of a degree course (very proud mum)
we are in Sussex so the train is an hour - less time than finding a vein!

I am looking forward to the line - I can’t do that again.

Gill - so far so good, feeling a bit over active - I think that is the steroids. Going to the pictures with my mum now.


Two Gills!!

Gill1 - Wow. I bet you are a proud mum. Enjoy the concert. Is this the same son who lived in Manchester? Sussex - what a lovely part of the world. Beats cold, windy, rainy Manchester (bet it’s not raining in Sussex). Sounds as if you’re coping really well after yesterday. No way I thought you’d be up to the pictures today. Fingers crossed for you.

Gill2 - Good luck for Friday. Hope you’re as well as Gill1 is. Let us know how you get on.

Lian - 3 down. Only 1 epi to go. Sounds as tho’ you’re suffering a bit more this time round. Have you found the accelerated Epi hard work?

This time tomorrow I’ll be over France somewhere & I can’t wait. I have one son who lives in Spain with his family (5 kids + 1 due Sept) and my other son flew out yesterday with his family (3 kids) + my elderly mother is coming with us. So it won’t be relaxing but I will (hopefully) be able to put everything to the back of my mind.

My colleagues at work have organised a meal out tonight for me. A sort of ‘good luck’.

Incidentally, my wig that I ordered online arrived yesterday. It’s awful. I look like Maggie Thatcher. Hopefully Christies wig service will sort me out.

Will catch you all next week. Hope you all have a good week-end.

Mal x

nhs wigs arent too bad and you can always have them styled. hve a good holiday.


Bridie - Good Luck today!

Gill - hope you’re still Ok and enjoy London.

Mal x

not SO good today - did not sleep so well - the drugs I think.

quiet day

got to be ok tomorrow - I will go anyway.


Hi Ladies

3rd Epi has been a bit worse than the first two, I have felt a lot more tired with this one. It kind of feels like a yucky hangover! Today I have perked up a bit, still don’t feel like doing anything though. I am saving myself as tomorrow I am going to see Mamma Mia! The showing doesn’t start until 8.30pm, how am I going to stay awake!

Gill - The steroids always keep me awake for the first few days after treatment, how unfair as this is when when we most need our sleep.

Mal - I have found the accelerated route ok so far, but will be glad of the longer break when the CMF comes around. I only have 1 more Epi to go next friday, and it has whizzed by so quickly, I just hope the CMF flys by too. I am longing for a holiday, and am not allowed to leave the area! Strict Onc. So I will be holidaying in sunny Southend this year :frowning:

Lian x

you will enjoy the film when you are there!!

Hi All

Back from Spain last night. Had a brilliant time but it was so hot. My arm swelled up a bit and had to stay in the shade but glad I went. 1st chemo tomorrow…

Gill 1 - hope you’re still OK after your first epi. Did you manage your trips to London and enjoy the shows?

Gill 2 - how did your first go?

Lian - you’ll be half way thro’ after tomorrow won’t you? Did you manage to stay awake thro’ Mamma Mia?

Let me know how you’re all getting on.

Mal x

1st epi was last Friday and been up and down a bit since then, Yesterday was pretty bad and felt nauseus (sp) all day!
went back to docs and got some more anti-sickness and somehting to help the chronic heartburn, so today feel pretty ok really!
Still able to work, tho not at full pelt
I don’t want to be too graphic but my period started today and boy…what a colour!
Upbeat enough to plan next year’s wedding…started as a small affair but have decided to blow the holiday fund (no long hauls for a while anyway) and hire a boat house in Argyll
Hope everyone else is well
Good luck Mal, suck those lollies!

Gillian (that sounds better than Gill 2)

I’m really impressed that you’ve managed to work at all this past week. Did any of the tips help other than the ice lollies?
People say the nausea is a bit like morning sickness. Do you agree? I thought I’d keep a diary of chemo with side effects etc although I’m sure it’ll be different each time. You should be picking up now though into your second week and then the third week - party!

Is it your wedding you’re planning? If so that’s wonderful. It really gives you something to look forward to and think about. A boat house in Argyll sounds idyllic.

Keep your chin up. One down…

Mal x

Hi Mal,

I really really think that drinking lots (helps them get good veins too) of water and eating really well beforehand, must have helped me. I have kept a little notebook with things like “bit queezy” didn’t sleep too well" etc , just so I can compare as they go along.

I really was a bit rough yesterday, felt a bit like I used to if I had stayed up all night drinking too much. But went to docs for more drugs. I should have gone sooner I think, now I am back on the anti-sickness I am full of beans again. Well…not quite…but so happy to feel like a hooman bean again.

The very best of luck…remember …water, food, lollies and cuddles

Yes it’s my own wedding!!! OH got such a fright when I was DXd he blurted it out, got him now though HAHAHAHAHA(manic laughter)


hey congratulations on the wedding!! Gillian.

take it steady and rest if you need to- say she who over did it!!

Mal glad you had a good holiday - have just re-booked one to Madeira ( had to cancel the October one) for Feb.

yes I enjoyed the shows - but that was the over doing it bit!

I have rested since and am well enough to go away this weekend on a long planned trip to Scarborough with parents and husband of course. I phoned the hospital to see what thier proceedure is for chemo patients - so I won’t need it.

‘see’ you all after the weekend.


Congratulations from me too.

Water, food, lollies and cuddles - not necessarily in that order though! I’m a bit twitchy tonight and probably won’t sleep much. It’ll be strange going to the chemo suite tomorrow as last year at this time I was taking my Dad. He had cancer and although I knew it was terminal he didn’t. They thought chemo would give him a bit longer, but it didn’t and he died in September.

Gosh you do get about. London last week and Scarborough this week-end. Not surprised you overdid it. The weather forecast is good so you should have a great time. We went to Madeira in February a few years ago and loved it. The weather was great too. Something to look forward to. I think that’s important.

Not looking forward to tomorrow plus have a CT scan on Monday. Have been having a problem with my shoulder so am also waiting for bone scan. Great!

Enjoy the sun.

Mal x