Starting Eribulin and could do with a buddy! 2020

Heyy guys,

I start my Eribulin treatment today.

Very anxious about it, although I have read the pre existing thread on here it seems it hasn’t been added to for a while.

Had my picc line put in 2 days ago. I didn’t have one with the fec t and that was a mistake as most of my veins collapsed, so this time round I had no choice!!.

I’ve read up on all the side effects etc but I guess it still doesn’t stop that feeling of " whats to come"!!.

Current diagnosis - advanced breast cancer to the lymph nodes, breast bone, collar bone, neck, right lung and rest of axilla that was cleared. 

Ive Been told I’m " treatable not curable" a couple of weeks back so struggling with that also, but im finding positivity from reading the posts by other ladies in the same position.

I Guess I could just do with a buddy on the same chemo and a friend or 2 who " gets" how my head is feeling right now. 

Much love and light yo all xxx :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart:

Hello Mermaid

I’m not on Eribulin so cannot help you there. 

Just wondered why your Oncology team has put you onto another chemo!? Have you not had any hormone or targeted therapy? Forgive me, it seems treatment plans can be so different (apart from mine: HER-2 positive. This seems to have a very fixed protocol).

I was only diagnosed in March so know how you feel . There are lots of experienced ladies on this site who will hopefully reply to you. They have such a wealth of knowledge. 

Hope you find a buddy soon :blossom: .

Angel Eyes