Starting FEC tomorrow

HI all

My first cycle tomorrow. I am so stressed, having a bad period and now I feel like I am getting a cold. Sure its all psychosomatic!
Will they stop me having the chemo if I have a cold?



not sure thing it will all depend on your white cell count
it could be stress making you feel under the weather the 1st is always the worst as you do not know what to expect or how the chemo will make you feel hope it all goes well
love Louise

Cathy, they probably won’t stop it just for a cold. We all get scared and anxious before the first treatment. Have you read the Top Tips thread? Drinking plenty today and tomorrow and after the chemo is one of the best things you can do to help yourself.

Best wishes for an easy time,

Dear Cathy,
I hope all goes well for you tomorrow. The first one is the hardest psychologically but once you have FEC1 you are counting down to the finish.
Do look at the other chemotherapy threads as they have supported me enormously. as Cheryl said: drink plenty.
Best wishes- I will be thinking of you.

Hi Cathy, I too have my first chemo tomorrow and have got that sick shaky feeling in my stomach even before se start!! I have rubbish veins and i think that is worrying me more than the chemo but have had lots of great advice from the ladies on here. I keep telling myself that i was this stressed before my surgery and that went fine so i will be ok but its not easy…Am sending my best wishes to you for tomorrow,


Hi All,
I had my first FEC today and the unknown is the worry!
I’m fine and the nurse was fantastic. I took a hot water bottle with me, on journey to hospital, in my jacket to keep my arm warm and it really helped in finding the vein - The nurse was impressed.
Good luck to all of you starting - I’ll be thinking of you.
Love and hugs
Helen xx

Good luck to you! I started a thread called ‘1st Chemo tomorrow’ back in September 2009. I was terrified! Met lots of fabulous women through it, really helps to compare notes with people. You will get through it. Everyday is a day closer to getting back to normal life.


Just sending you love and praying all goes well for you. I had a cold come on after my first chemo, had two lots of antibiotics to sort it out. Glad I didn’t delay the treatment as I was so wound up about starting, just treated the cold as ‘normal’ but keep up with mouth hygyne as the only time I’ve had mouth problems is when I had the cold. I;ve used Manuka honey from day one as mouthwash, which I’m convinced has worked. It;s very expensive, but I’ve been lucky as a smashing friend has brought it for me. Do try it if you can. I’m on my 5th chemo today. Tax/herceptin has been worse than fec, just try and take each day as it comes and be good to yourself. This is a vile and terrifying thing to go through. We all feel alone and not part of the ‘NORMAL WORLD ANYMORE’ Yesterday I was so depressed I begged my husband to take me to hospital and get them to admit me to psych ward, but today the fear has lessened. Sorry about the spelling, no sleep and chemo brain! All the folks on this site are holding your hand through this. Good luck with everything. xxxxxxxxx

Cathy and Sally, thinking of you today. Well done Helen ! That’s one down. It does go faster than you think. I’m FEC 3 next week and that’s like halfway through. Drinking loads really does help side effects. x

To add to good wishes - best of luck.

Unfortunately the only way forward but the first step along the way.

Well thats number one over. Used and got on well with the cold cap, however the veins were more of a problem but we got there in the end!
Have felt very well so far, up at 4am this morning though!! Flippin steroids! I have drunk gallons and gallons of fluid though and am thinking that really is the key to flush it out of your system. Thanks for the good wishes everyone…heres to the next one!

Sally x

I think we all agree that the faster you flush it out the better. You may find that in a day or two you notice chemical-smelling wee and possibly some bladder irritation, so keep on with the extra fluid for a few more days.


Well done Sally! Tiredness may catch up with you later so delegate and enjoy the sofa when you have to. x