STARTING RADS 21 June but no boosters ?

Feeling tired with the long journey not even started yet pre app went well although seemed to be there for hours

I start on the 21st next Tuesday mostly early morning app 15 rounds but no boosters …mix of 3 x LA3 3x CL1 9x CL2 < (whatever they all mean) not sure why Im not having them but see my onc just said I didn’t need them. He did say after rads had finished I would see him at another of his clinics to arrange a scan which is good but made me feel bit unsure.

The lump I have in my neck Onc said was fine he has several so he tells me.

Anyone else having rads & no boosters ?

Mekala X

hiya , i haven`t yet recieved my results ( thats next wed ) but fingers crossed and all being well - ish i have been told that the likliehood is 15 rads and no boosters , this i feel was a guided guess as my tumour was very small and with minimal chance of spread , i know that it can change with the wle and snb results but for me and for now thinking positive , i assume yours too was a small tumour ?

Hi Trish yeah thats what im trying to think as to keep me positive, my tumor was 7 mm but it was a grade 3. I think its so easy to get sucked into to logicality of treament that it ends up doing my head in lol.

I feel bit stupid too as I got quite emotional coming away from there today laying on that cold rads bench being prodded about stickers pen marks positioning you & your sort of laid in a weird position I could not feel comfortable & silly me I slightly moved twice & on of the 2 woman got impatient with me & when the 2 women & one man left the room for the 3rd time I had a bit of a melt down (inside) almost had a panic attack suddenly like I couldn’t breathe, they must have seen my heart pounding through my chest, but I just kept it together, I wasn’t expecting a needle either I knew they’d do a tattoo not that ive any problems with needles & when I felt the 1st pin prick I just said OOH & the radiographer said well theres not alot of meat on you. My hubby had been previously having a dig at me about putting some weight on & been a bit of a bum today, think its all getting to him too. Yes im less than I was I dont eat processed high fats or refined sugars anymore.

Ive been very tearful since I got home & then I feel guilty because of all those so much worse off than me, infact while i was laying on the bench I was thinking of alot of the women here telling myself to man up

Mekala X

One good thing my last session is on my birthday :slight_smile:

Hi Mekela,

No need to man up. You are going through a bad time and it’s okay to be tearful. Those technicians should have explained exactly what they were going to do before they started. Problem is that they are doing it every day and expect people to know. Be a bit of a shock if they were on the other side.

I had stage 3 grade 3 aggressive HER2+++. I did not have any boosters. Good that you are having a scan afterwards. I think they give reassurance but not everyone gets them.

Take care, go one day at a time. Soon be your birthday.


Hi E thank you for your kind words … Its the best therapy I think being able to put in words here what you feel you cant say to family. Thats good to know im not alone not having the boosters & that its not so strange

Thanks again


I never had any boosters either. Hope all is going well with rads mekalar, not too bad is it? Time will fly and you will be like me soon, just finished and so glad to be getting on with my life and back to a normal routine…chris xx

Hi Chris I remember you saying about how lovely the team that work with you are, mine are too they are so lovely & I feel so looked after Yes im glad its the weekend 4 done now & not feeling too bad I was quite energetic yesterday, not sore as yet but Ill deal with that if & when it happens. Well done on finishing yours

much love & keep intouch
Mekala x


I cant believe that I have not got to go tomorrow to have rad. treatment. I can actually have a lie in !!! I noticed today the square mark that a lot of people comment on, which I did not do before now, and it is a bit sore. Still, I suppose it could be worse. Glad that you are ok Mekalar…chris x

Hi Ladies,

Glad to hear that all is going well Mekala.

Chris, if you are suffering from burning the best thing to use is Aloe Vera gel. Pat it on and let it dry. It forms a slight skin which is healing and protective.

Mekala, I used the Aloe Vera immediately after my Rads sessions and did not burn. In fact I used it 4 times a day.You need to keep it up for 2 weeks after finishing the Rads.

Get the best you can. 99% from Holland and Barrat.


Hi Chrissy Hi E haha Crissy I was just saying to my OH I bet you’ll be having a lay in ME too when Im done Re the 99.9% Aloe yes im using this under my cream I have a slightly darker square on mine already lol but im olive skinned my scar is a little sore today Ive also got one of those lil ingrown hairs from shaving (haven’t done for while now) that has been a pain for past two years & thats bit tender too, apart from that not feeling too bad. Chrissy did you have much shrinkage ?
E I will deffo be keeping up the use of the Aloe well after treatment thanks for hint for letting it dry I will try that as ive been rubbing mine in

love & hugs


Mekalar, I have not had any shrinkage with my breast, in fact it has got a bit bigger, swollen I suspect, but I was told it will go down again to normal size, maybe even shrink in the future. Have a bit of a rash under my breast. Very hot today, glad I have not had to get up and go…he he!!! Had a nice lie in today. Just keep on going, it will be over before you know it. chris xx

Thank you Chrissy HOT yeah thank goodness I was on early this morning although for the first time I had to wait for half hour as one of the computers went down … the air conditioning in the care is not working so journey home was stiffling, which I think is adding to me feeling really tired today … thats good you had no shrinkage I hope it remains that way … I can’t wait until I can say this part will be over Im so grateful they are all so lovely at the clinic & although its an older building there is a nice atmoshere there :slight_smile:



I feel really good today. Did not get up tired as usual, but yes HOT, very hot indeed, and humid with it. I can now see a square on my breast which is darker than the other area, think this is where they zapped me, it is not sore though. The heat is very draining Mekalar, so have lots of rest, it really does help with the fatigue. Just do what you can, and then rest. Keep me up to date with how you are? chris xx

hi I have been prescribed 15 rads, had the 13th today, NO BOOSTS, but for the last 7 they have placed a what they describe as

“a jelly bag”,

this is to keep the rads near the surface that is how they described it to me, and they did say I was having quite a large dose,

hope this helps,

yes I feel extremely warm and keep waking up at night absolutely dripping, a bit tired, but my limbs are really achy, sore and stiff, I feel about 90 instead of 45 lol,


all the best Liz xxx

Oh thats good to hear hope it stays that way for you Chris.
enjoy a good rest to re boost your energy
Mekala xxx

Hi Liz yes thats one thing im doing drinking lots & yes through the night too haha I know the feeling of feeling 90 instead of 44 & with this hummid heat got a stuffy headache.

Thats interesting about your treatment I heard another lady saying about the jelly bag Im day 5 - no 6 tomorrow nothing been said so maybe thats not going to be part of my treatment.

Mekala x

hiya ladies , how are we all ? well meeting with my radiotherapist tomorrow to get dates and times for treatment ,and i feel terrified , since my results last week i have almost forgotten about the cancer, no node activity and margins clear which was the best news ever , tomorrow will hit home again ( each time i go to the clinic i come home and cry ) i just dont know what to expect , what creams should i use , can i wear a bra after , is it painful ? i`m sorry if i sound like a wimp but its so the fear of the unknown for me again xx

Hi trish1968

It sounds like you’re finding things pretty tough at the moment. Can I suggest you give the give the BCC helpline call and talk things through with one of our trained members of staff. They are there to offer you emotional support as well as a practical information. The number is 0808 800 6000 and the lines are open Saturday 9 to 2pm.

I have also given here the link to the publication on radiotherapy which you may find helpful to read:-*/changeTemplate/PublicationDisplay/publicationId/137/

I hope this is helps.

Best wishes Sam, BCC Facilitator

Hi Trish I hope you managed to call the helpline. sweetie your not a whimp what so ever & I totally understand those feelings each time you go to the clinic yes it just brings back all the rest of it from previous appiontments.

As for the radiotherapy you can also look at some of the posts already done here under treatments/Radiotherapy I can only say on a personal note it is fine you do get tired & you will get a bit sore on the treatment area which usually starts half way through where I am now but everyone is different. The treatment itself there is nothing to it & only takes on average of 5-10 minutes in the room. You’ll have your own team looking after you & im sure they will be as mine & others they are really lovely VERY informative & keep a good eye on you throughout your treatments monitoring everything :slight_smile:

CREAMS I think I use what everyone uses aqueous cream & 99.9 % aleo vera gel I put the gel on first & then slap on a good amount of the aqueous cream I do this night & morning & again when I get home after treatment each day.I started pre treating the area 3 days before treatment some ladies start sooner. Make sure you drink lots of water throught the day & night if you wake even just sipping water throughout the day hydrates you very well rather than drinking it straight down, keep well hydrated especially in this sticky weather we are having. Eat well too just be kind to yourself accept any help from family or friends that might be offered. Dont worry about housework just do only whats needed & keep up the arm excersise given to you by the hostpital after surgery keep that arm, shoulder & area as suble as you can. The time does go quick & once you had your 1st treatment you soon feel at ease

All the best
Mekala x