Starting Rads in February 2012


Is anyone else due to start their Rads in February?

I am waiting on my appt to arrive, thought I would have heard by now.

All the best


Hi Anne,

I’ve just finished chemo and due to start rads on 15th Feb for 4 weeks.

I’ve had my first planning and tattoos done but I think my hospital is quite proactive at getting the planning sorted etc.

Hope you hear about your appointment soon!


Hi Anne and Annie - I’ve got my planning appt this Thursday and they said they’d give me my appointments then… so I expect I’ll be joining you on the Rads bench.

Another new experience to chalk up! Which reminds me - better get on with my stretching exercises…



I start on the 6th Feb. In one way I can’t wait…to get ti over with :slight_smile:

Love to hold hands as we go through it.


Hi All

Came home yesterday and found the letter on the mat. It contains my whole schedule. First visit with mapping and tattoo’s on the 1st Feb and then the rest starts on 23 Feb so It will be almost April before I finish.

Still at least I know when it will be getting underway, a little later than the Onc told me at Christmas but at least it will soon all be over.

I get measured for the prosthesis on the 2nd Feb so 2 visits to my second home next week.

Speak soon

Anne x

Hi all

I think i may be starting Rads in feb too, im due last chemo this friday so im assuming rads will be few weeks after this. Had chat with onc at last appointment and signed rads consent forms etc so just waiting for my info. Im weirdly looking forward to starting too only because i will feel like im on the home stretch and boy has this road been looooooooooooooonnnnnngggggggg

Clare x

That is how I have looked at it Clare the last leg of a long journey.

Good Luck

Anne x

I will have my last chemo Feb 8, so I expected rad app to be a few weeks after that, but my first is March 7. Don’t know yet how long it will be before they start, but reading yours about them giving you schedule ect. I will call them up and ask/push. Thanks! Also looking forward to it starting so it will be over soon!!!


Im seeing the onc this Friday - so am hoping to get started asap in February. There is a small possibility he may decide to give me chemo after all - surgeon said I didnt need it, but it was up to the onc at the end of the day. So if I do have chemo, it seems that goes first, from reading posts here. I just want to get started - Im fed up with telling work etc that Im still waiting to get started!


Hi all,

Just had some good news from the hospital. My oncologist has finished the planning early and I now start on the 31st Jan.

At lease the waiting is nearly over.

So Lynda
are you staying on the feb thread or moving to the Jan thread? Decisions decisions…
I’m waiting to know when my rads will start hoping it will be february and not delayed til March! (Also hoping i dont have to have chemo first) wont know til 6 Feb…


Thanks Angel and you x

Good luck to all starting soon. Seems to me we all cant wait to get started, it will soon be here x

Kaj - best of luck for your appointment friday x

Hi Mary,

If it’s Ok with everyone I will stay on the Feb thread as my journey will be closer to yours.

Don’t you just hate all this waiting around. 6th Feb is a long time to wait isn’t it, is that to find out how many of your nodes were affected?


Hi Lynda

A day doesn’t make any difference does it? You’ll be able to give us all your experience, so we know what expect!

I’m off for my simulation on the 1st, picc line out on 2nd so until then it’s getting over the chemo!


Yes 6th feb is when i find out …it is a long time.



Yes, I sympathise, the waiting for results feels like forever I remember. To comment on your other post I htink you should get it checked out, red and hot sounds as if it could be an infection so best to be sure.

Annie, thanks. I am looking forward to starting, but scared in a weird way not of the Rads, but of possible side effects. I think once it starts at least I will be able to just deal with whatever happens. Hope you are not feeling too bad after chemo.

Not sure what happened to my original post but anyway just wanted to share as I have just started rads on Wednesday. Had 3 out of 18, all pretty painless and very very quick. In and out in about 20 mins and most of that time is spent adjusting the machine and checking measurements. The zapping itself is just a few moments.

I have used aqueous cream for the last 2 weeks to prepare the skin but don’t lather it on. A thin layer well rubbed in twice a day is what was suggested and make sure you cover the areas all around the chest/armpit area too. I also only use simple or sanex zero shower gel and no deodorant now I have started treatment. Back to being paranoid about wiffing!

Hope this helps with the waiting…that’s the bit that I hate too…Zax

Hello everyone!

I went for my Rads planning today and have my five tattoos. My start date is February 7th and I will be having 15. Aqueous cream purchased from Sainsbury’s and I will start slapping it on tonight.


Well do I win the most tattoos prize? I have 14! Haven’t yet worked out how to join them up to write a rude word.

First session on Weds. Only worried about the side effects that might happen after the last appt as I think everyone I work with/talk to assumes that everything will be automatically hunky dory and I’m pulling a fast one when I say people can have fatigue after the treatment is over.

I got my phonecall confirming my planning appointment is on thursday so im getting there. Sure feels good to be moving on to next step x