Starting RADS on 20th April

Hi all, I’m due to start 15 sessions of radiotherapy on 20th April at The Christie Unit at the Royal Oldham Hospital.

I just wondered if anyone else is attending there and can you tell me are there any cafe facilities etc at the Christie Unit?



Hi Tracey

I have just completed 15 sessions at Christies Oldham and please be reassured the staff and Unit are wonderful!!! and very reassuring. It is a calm and friendly environment and there is a cafe. I have found the experience just fine and it does pass very quickly. The staff were helpful with appointment times, sometimes there was a little delay, but the waiting area is very comfortable with lots of magazines available.

With very best wishes and i am sure everything will be fine for you

Angela x

Thank you for your response Angela, this seems a weird thing to say but I can’t wait to get started! I’m sure you understand what I mean - the sooner I start, the sooner it’s over and I can hopefully move on with my currently BC fuelled life :slight_smile:

Best wishes for your recovery

Tracey x

Hi Tracey

I,m having chemo at Oldham and hoping to have my rads there. You’ll probably have finished yours by then. I,m not sure if the Christie unit has it’s own cafe, but the hospital does, which i,ve heard is not bad. Good luck with it

Maria x