Starting Tamoxifen in 2 days, nervous!!!!!


I started taking it at the end of September and I’ve suffered from hot flushes and night sweats and achey joints… however, I would prefer to experience all that than the alternative!!

Don’t worry too much about it - like others have said, every person is different. You may breeze through it with no problems… you may not. Either way, it’s much better than dealing with BC?

I’ve started a diary about my experiences, mood swings, hot flushes etc, to see if there’s a pattern forming… that way, I know when I am going to more moody and I can warn my husband!!

J xx

Hi All

Since taking Tamoxifen 13 months ago, all my psoriasis has cleared up so I put up with the “nasties”


Hi ladies,

thank you so much for all your responses, they are very much appreciated. Well, I’ve been on the Tamoxifen for a month now (almost!) and so far so good. I did suffer quite badly with nausea the first couple of weeks but thankfully this seems to have subsided. I’ve not had so much as a hint of a hot flush but I do get very achey legs, particularly first thing in the morning. I feel like I’m 35 going on 85 most mornings!!!

I’m thinking perhaps I should be asking for Novladex (?spelling??), what do you reckon?