Starting tamoxifen - sharing advice and thoughts

Hello, I’m new to this forum.  Have had a mastectomy, just about to complete radiotherapy tomorrow (hooray!) and start tamoxifen on Thursday (…) as my cancers are oestrogen and progesterone receptive.  I was quite happy about this, to reduce future risk (even though my cancer was stage 1), but having read some of the side effects, I am getting a little concerned.  My oncologist (male) seemed completely oblivious to any concerns about menopausal symptoms.  Having heard from someone in their 50’s on tamoxifen who has just had a stroke, and my mum having recently had her 3rd stroke, I am a bit worried.  I believe my oncologist about my risk of cancer recurrence on tamoxifen being reduced significantly and this being a good reason to take it.  I just want to be more educated on risks of side effects.


Happy to hear everyone’s experiences so far, both recent and years on.


I’ve also read a scientific paper about the effect of alcohol on tamoxifen (not a great mixture - my understanding is that it greatly reduces the effectiveness of tamoxifen), I am looking for advice (here and from my oncologist and pharmacist) on whether to cut out alcohol apart from birthdays and special occasions or just limit to one drink a week.  [If you’re interested in the paper, which seems to be a reputable source, you can find it here: ]

hi cyclingmad, having finished rads nearly 2 weeks ago, I have been in tamoxifen since then, like you I was apprehensive about it. So far it’s been better than I expected .
I am peri-menopausal & was having hot flushes anyway & to date, it’s not been troublesome. So see what happens over the coming weeks.
There has been quite a lot reported recently about low dose aspirin & tamoxifen in respect of bc as well as cardiovascular blood clotting issues, I intend to clarify whether it’s worth taking low dose aspirin as well when I see the onc in July.
As for alcohol, well I think my moderate wine habit will continue!

I’ve been on Tamoxifen for 14 months now and still enjoy a tipple when ever I please, I try not to worry about what may be too much, I’m healthy,eat well and exercise daily and believe being happy goes a long way so my advice is don’t fret over every thing you read, be sensible of course but enjoy life! Xx Jo 

too right, jobey !