Starting to Panic about it now

Hi there, i’m back from the slopes and enjoyed it, although the weather was rubbish and I am very tired these days, not sure that’s anything to do with BC or just overweight…!

Anyway, am sorting out all my scans etc to take with me to the CP on Monday, just as well I checked, I thought I was going to the one I went to before, CR, but NOT…! Phew.

Just going to Nuclear Medicine, and just wanted to ask if the injection they give you before the PET Scan is just an injection and not a drip??? I am phobic about needles and really panic. The Onc gave me some “happy” pills to take before the MRI, the one I’ve refused, so am tempted to take one, good idea? Anyone else done this. I took them before Chemo as I was so stressed about. But I know I can’t take any food or drink, exc water, for 6 hours before, so I am planning on getting up at 5am to have a cuppa tea…! mad I know.

Will let you know how I get on,

Worried - Karen x

Hi Karen

Glad you had a good break.

Try not to worry - easy to say, hard to do.

The stuff they use is a drip, but doesn’t take long. Waiting for it to work is a bore (they didn’t even let me read!), rather than stressful and I didn’t find the scan too claustrophobic. The room they do the scan in does always seem to be cold tho’, so I’d say wrap up warm.

If the sedatives work for you, then I’d say it’s worth getting up really early to take one. However, how long does the effect last?

I have another TPE booked there for March myself, so I’ll be following your footsteps before too long!

And no, you’re not mad…



PET scan went okay if not a little long and boring.
the results are showing “something” on the left ovary, he’s not happy with it, and the surgeon wants me to have an MRI…maddening as I’d refused that in the first place in order to have the PET. So it’s not all cracked up to what it’s meant to do I suppose, or perhaps they just like scanning you for the hell of it.
I am hoping that the “something” is the cyst I’ve had for years, but he didn’t say that, so it’s a worry…hey ho. will just have to go with the flow.

I’ve been off internet, stormy here, since Sat. and what’s happened to this site???

Keep you posted.