Starting tomorrow

Well that’s me all marked up (yesterday) and ready to go. Treatment starts tomorrow at the Western Infirmary in Edinburgh. Have to have 20 sessions in all - and have to move up to Edinburgh Mon - Fri to have them !

I’ll just have to look on it as a wee holiday lol

Asked the staff about cream to use etc (having read the other rads threads lol) - I was advised that there was no need to use anything?!? They just said they would give me cream to use for when I’d finished all 20 sessions.

I’m sure the time will fly - the 3 months of chemo sure did - so 3 1/2 weeks od rads should whizz by …though that leads me to 4 x taxotere…hmmm

Good luck to anyone else starting treatment this week !

Margaret x

Hi Margaret,
Just wanted to wish you luck with the rads, pity you have to move up there to have them but it will be well worth it in the long run. Im not far behind you, start mine 27th of this month for 4 weeks, so be thinking of you and best of luck again Hope you have left Hubby his instructions!!.

Hi Margaret

Good Luck with the rads. It is a shame you have to be away form home, but it has to be done.
My rads does not start until 25th March - just had last cmf - last tablet tues then 4 week break before 6 weeks of rads.

Please take care, love

anne x


Just want to wish you all the best for your rads, I am sure it is really hard to be staying away from home but your friends on this site will be thinking of you.

I have just had my first chemo (EC) so am a bit behind you in the treatment plan, feel pretty wiped out. We will get there!

Louise x

Hi all

thanks for your comments. First day didn’t go too bad - as I’ve started on a Thursday. decided I would drive up for these 2 days rather than in Edinburgh - made me realise that staying will be better - 3 1/2 hours there, 20 mins treatment - then 3 hours to get home !!! wouldn’t want to be doing that every day for 4 weeks lol

Jill - as with when I went in for my mastectomy - there is a huge cork board in the kitchen with all hubby’s instructions on it -ie what day daughter needs PE kit, swimming costume, when her homework’s due etc - and how to work the washing machine/tumble dryer lol - he has been warned if I come home on a Friday night to any housework whatsoever he is in BIG trouble haha…we’ll see…

take care all

Margaret x