Stereotactic radiotherapy to spine


My mum was dx with secondary bc aged 79 (36 years after her first dx, but caused by a new primary) and is currently undergoing radio therapy to her spine (T11-12), to relief pain. She is having 5 lots, tomorrow is a last zap and will then see her doctor for a chat. She was also put on anastrozole. She has significant spread to spine, ribs, pelvis and pleura.

Having been through bc myself 7 yrs ago (primary, fingers crossed, doing very well) I naturally want to find out about treatments, what we can expect etc. Have done a bit of googling, but I know that this forum offers the invaluable experience of women who have been through it. Also realise everyone is different.

How long does it take to experience the impact of this type of radiotherapy? Mum is experiencing more pain on the spot that they are treating, during the night especially. Thanks for your support xx

Hello and welcome
It seems that your mum’s treatment is going to be gentle due to her age but it’s standard first line treatment.
Rads can take two weeks to kick in and the pain can get worst during this time but it means it’s doing its job hopefully.
She’s lucky to have a caring daughter and hopefully you are now over your dx too.