Hi, my name is Lisa. I haven’t visited these forums for a while as I was diagnosed 2 yrs ago & I have completed my treatment (apart from some minor surgery to correct a dent in my reconstructed breast that I should be having before xmas) I am 31 & I have 2 children & my husband & I have decided we don’t want anymore children. I have had a TRAM flap reconstruction & I was wondering if there are likely to be any complications if I decided to be sterilised. Is it true that sterilisation reduces the risk of ovarian cancer? I don’t want any hormone related contraceptives for the obvious reasons but I would also be interested in anybodys views on the copper coil.
Thankyou in advance,
Lisa x


I have the copper coil for the last god knows how many years and have had no problems with it. Obviously I dont know if you could be sterilised or not - thats one for the doc. All I can say is the coil works well for me with no heavier periods etc


I convinced my gp to refer me for sterilisation 2 weeks ago…saw the gynae on tuesday afternoon…hes happy to do the op and thinks it a wise idea as its permanent and no more panics or wondering if stuff is working…he then found a massive cyst on my left ovary so am back in the process of being poked and prodded…bonus though will have surgery sometime in the next 3 weeks…just hope its nothing, yet he did say that the two tended to go hand in hand with each other.

Hi Lisa,
I had the copper coil fitted 5 months ago, due to been ER+, I had to come off the Pill. I have had heavier periods as a result, at one stage they were really heavy , but seemed to have got a better. I also have some period pain now, which I never really had on the Pill, but nothing a couple of Ibuprofen w’ont sort out. I currently don’t have any children, so this seemed the only option for me, I’m hoping to have it out in 4 12 years once I come off the Tamoxifen.
All the best in your descion,