Stessed - more tests!

Stessed - more tests!

Stessed - more tests! Hi ladies

I haven’t made many postings, but I’m feeling a bit [?] stressed today and hope you won’t mind me having a whinge.

Went to see my GP yesterday to get more tamoxifen, and while I was there I mentioned a pain in my right hand side, hoping, foolishly, to be told it was a delayed side effect or something. But no, blood tests, urine tests {which got sent to the lab as it showed traces of protein and blood - great!] and tomorrow I’ve got to go for a scan.

I am trying to keep it all in perspective, but I can’t tell myself ‘it won’t happen to me’ anymore, because it might and already has. I’m going on holiday next week with this hanging over me, although I will have had blood test results. Hope I can put it to the back of my mind so I don’t spoil it for hubby and son.

Sorry for being an old moaner, but it seems to be one thing after another, doesn’t it.


thinking of you Hi Linda

You have every right to feel like that. I suppose we all thought it would never happen to us, but this is a cruel world!!!

I do hope your results are good and you can go on holiday with a clear head.

I had to go for a scan last week as my right breast hadn’t felt right, I was upset the night before and I sat in clinic and everything came flooding back that it was where I had got the news last time, the stress of it all.

What relief I felt when it was all clear, but it still doesn’t take the fears away that it won’t happen again!.

Good luck and I am thinking of you.

Take care


results with blood and protein in your urine, theres a very good chance you have a urinary tract infection. drink plenty and keep your fingers crossed! good luck, biddy

Hi Linda,

So sorry to hear you’re having such a stressful time - the stress never seems to go away does it? But I agree it sounds like a urinary infection and the advice given to drink plenty of fluids is good - cranberry juice is a good thing to drink too.

Try to put it at the back of your mind - keep telling yourself that worrying about it won’t help at all and will only mar your holiday. Have a great holiday, and good luck with the results.

Love and hugs, Jean xxx

hi linda Hope things go ok today for you, do let us know, sounds, as the others have said, like a urinary infection.
Enjoy your holiday.

karen x