stick on nipples

stick on nipples

stick on nipples Hi,
I wear two self adhesive prosthesis, and would like to try out the stick on nipples, (Amoena geve me their leaflet on them),
Has anyone else tried these on their prosthesis, and are they good, and what is the best way to care for them, since they will be sticking to the silicone, I dont want to damage the prosthesis by keeping taking them on and off to wash.

carol xx

I had a sillicone nipple made for me at St Andrews prosthetic clinic (part of Broomfield Hospital in Chelmsford) all of ten years ago now. This was NHS but fantastic. The nipple was cast from my own nipple and then hand-painted to match my general skin tones. I was given a skin-protector to paint over my skin and glue to attach the nipple to my (protected) skin. I also had glue remover to clean up the nipple ready for the next application.

Nothing is perfect but this really worked and I used it for years, including going to the gym, showering and changing in open changing rooms, without being self-conscious. The only reason I don’t wear it so much now is that my ‘good’ boob has got bigger over time (and drugs) and I now wear a prosthetic to even out my ‘nippleless boob’ so the stick on nipple is a bit redundant.

I also got a lesson in camouflage makeup to cover the dreadful scar that I have on my chest (it is really high up and can show with certain clothes). Again I don’t use it all the time but when I am dressed up in evening wear, it is great to know that the scar is minimised.

You may be able to get a service near to you - you never know until you ask.