Stiffness in hip...

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I think there are a couple of you out there who had similar treatment to me… I have bone mets in hip and pelvis. I had a total hip replacement last Dec, on Zoladex, had rads in mid-Feb and am currently on FEC.

My life is slowly getting back to “normal”. I am back at work (ish), riding my horse (which I never thought I’d do again), walking my dog and being fairly active when the chemo cycle allows. I have no pain in my hip at all now which is fantastic. I am, however, finding the whole hip area gets really, really stiff. It’s not painful just sometimes feels like it doesn’t want to move properly. I’ve told the onc who said it maybe the after effects of the radiotherapy. I’m having the area x-rayed to check nothing wrong with the hip itself. I just wondered if anyone has experienced anything similar and if so how long it lasted.

Any advice gratefully received!


I had a HR at the end of Oct last year and like you although i have no pain i have found my new hip sometines feel stiff…especially if the weather is damp. I have a feeling mine could be rheumatic rather than anything else. I have an xray scheduled for June when i go back to see my consultant so i suppose we will see.

Good luck with the xray i hope it is nothing.

Hi…I had a hip replacement when I was first diagnosed in 2003. It’s okay now but I had stiffness for at least a couple of years…I put it down to having surgery. Glad to hear you are riding again! :slight_smile:

I was nosing about the forum- thanks for these usefull comments ladies, I will note for the future.
Sue has just had a bipolar hip replacement and is due home tomorrow after a week - yipee!
She never ceases to amaze me, she has had a lot of pain here over the past weeks and we put it down to the extensive involvement in the pelvis, were booked in to see onc for possible rads request as she had increased morphine to nearly 200mg per day.
Sunday before last after cooking a meal for family coming round she decided enough was enough, couldn’t wait for onc meeting so we phoned on the monday, mentioned the high morphine level and the fact that one leg had become 1/2" shorter than the other, she was summoned in imeadiatly and following x ray was transfered to QA for emergency hip replacement, hip bone had actually broken and seperated.
Increadible, she was putting up with walking or rather limping badly with a broken leg for god sake!!!
She has recovered so fast, was on walking frame 24 hrs after and now zooming around on crutches!
Hospital has been great, waiting in for a special chair to be delivered. No worries about who is going to be looking after her and our 2 year old, it will be me, what great timing I was made redundant from my job on monday after 11 years service…ho hum. This on top of crashing the car in last weeks snow, getting a parking ticket and finding out that someone has cloned my credit card!!! If there is a god he has a pretty dodgey sense of humour!
My best wishes to you all as ever.
Dave F

My God Dave what a wonderful woman you are married to and you sound a lovely understanding husband too. What a week you have had … got to be all good news from now on surely. The week we heard about Lisa’s brain mets and her awful prognosis 3 things went wrong in the house … it was just one after the other until one day after a few tears I pulled myself together, looked up (to who I don’t know) and shouted, “OK, WHOEVER YOU ARE JUST BRING IT ON … I CAN TAKE IT”. If anyone had heard me they would have had me committed!
The way things were going I thought I was going to have a breakdown and I wasn’t going to allow that to happen … got to keep strong for Lisa.
Hope you both keep strong too
Love Sue x

Hi Dave, I was the same, had been walking with a fractured hip. It’s good to hear Sue is up and about…I think it really helps. The physio people had me walking up and down stairs and hospital corridors and my replacement bedded in nicely, no problems. I was off crutches in around 6 weeks and I’m fine now, no sticks needed. Best Wishes to you both…PS all those other things…we had a flooded bathroom, parking ticket, then someone crashed into our car.

Sue thanks for the nice coments, belinda it wasn’t me that hit your car was it?
Humphr10 - sorry for hijacking the post a bit and going off topic, I won’t post again.
dave F