still down

hi , just looking for support , i was dx in feb with liver and bone mets and i still cant get my head around it . i find day to day stuff so hard still and am so tired of feeling depressed all of the time . my latest scan seemed good with the liver mets shrinking again and bones doing ok but its those markers that get me down , they went up not long after chemo after starting hormonals by 26 points and now i am awaiting new markers that were done last week , if they are up again i will probably go to bits again although they take at least 3 tests to be sure i know . i am on aromasin now .
Its all to much i am seeing my gp friday again to see if i can get some treatment otherwise i feel i will end up in psyciatric unit .
any comments will be much appreciated . xx

Hey, Tracy. These markers bounce around a bit. Chemo causes tumours to die and to shed cells which raises markers for months afterwards - let’s hope that’s the case - given your scans which sound really good, that can well eb the reason. Check out this link:
It starts:
Ladies and Gentlemen with Breast Cancer - Don’t let those tumour markers scare you!

You’re under huge stress - everyone here agrees that waiting for results can be the grimmest time of all! Try to find some way to give yourself a treat every day - some time out, something you love to do, a visit or call with people you miss, your favourite food or DVD/TV, whatever. Enjoy the moment - it’s not going to make a blind bit of difference to the results of the blood tests already taken but at least you can have a smile or two and feel good and be happy to be right here, right now… and Don’t forget to breath!! You’re ok just as you are - that’s the reality!
Here’s a calming hug for a start… :-)(-:
Wishing you well,
Jenny xx

Hi Tracy,
Just wanted to send you another hug so you know someone else cares about you.
Do you have anyone you can talk to about how you’re feeling? I find friends often try to keep their upset under wraps when they’re with me, to save upsetting me. In reality they’re thinking about me all the time and crying about my situation (I’ve discovered). It helps when I open up the subject and we can cry or swear together about this cr*ppy disease.
Hope the sun’s shining where you are and you feel brighter.
Love Jacquie

Hi Tracy,

Just wanted to say Hi, think have chatted before anyway. Sorry about your dx and your markers. Although don’t know anything about markers or what they mean, as never been told anything about them. I was dx with bc and liver mets in July, one straight after the other, and although fairly positive am absolutely gutted and had a bad few days this week with feeling down.

Hopefully like Jenny said your markers are all over the place due to chemo. Am sure that I will be told that I have to have another scan soon, got to see onc on Wednesday. Scared s******s I have to say.

I hope you are feeling better about things today and hopefully your latest tests will be good news.

Take care and am sending lots of cyber hugs.


My onc lives and breathes these wretched markers and mine are off the planet… Ihadn’t heard about the shedding bits? I will look on that link thanks… I think I’ll ask for a scan but that frightens me more I can just ignore a blood test!!! Perhaps the chemo is working after all and my liver isn’t the size of a boulder? Oooh dear I’m down lets haveanother steroid whirl.

Hugs to one and all

I’m sorry you are so down and really hope that the GP can refer you to counselling to help you deal with all this. It’s a lot to take on board a primary and secondary diagnosis at the same time plus undergoing treatment at the same time - give yourself praise about any small thing that you achieve even if it something like just getting dressed cos often nobody else will tell you that you are doing things well.
I was referred to the hospice and although initially I was really scared and thought I must be at the end, I’m in better shape now than I was last Sept when I couldn’t walk due to my undiagnosed hip secondary and my breathing was so bad I coudln’t go upstairs in one go. I’ve just spent 3 days doing loads of walking in Cornwall and this time last year I thought I would be dead!!!
I have found the support from my hospice nurse brilliant and have also seen the hospice social worker to help me deal with the children and their emotions plus of course my hubby’s coping skills. I’ve also had lots of financial help as well plus a holiday courtesy of Sail4 cancer and another day out funded by them.
Although the thought of being referred to a hospice is scary, they do offer huge amounts of support and it doesn’t mean you’ve reached the end of the road. - maybe ask if you can be referred there for emotional support.
My oncology unit doesn’t believe in cancer markers so maybe it’s best not to look at them too closely but see what other blood tests are like eg creatinine, liver function tests, bilirubin levels, wbc and haemoglobin and blood protein levels as they also show how well you are doing.
Hope things improve and just post us at any time and we’ll try to support you.

hi thanks for replies . i am feeling a litle better as my doctor gave me some anti depressents , dippykate what an inspiration you are wow. i think i remember reading about you at that time .
where do you go fr treatment ? i am having a 2nd opinion at the marsden in 2 weeks .
The last couple of days i have been to town and done a few jobs which has been a huge improvment on how so terribly low i felt . thanks Tracy xx