Still enjoying your glass of wine ?????

On a more sober note, I came off booze and caffeine when I got the results of my bone densitometry scan 6 weeks into starting on letrozole (hormore therapy). I’m just a little osteopaenic and my Vitamin D levels were low too- like a lot of people, I didn’t get much sun last summer! Alcohol and Caffeine are supposed to help break down bone tissue, so my tipple is now calcium-enriched Hazelnut and Almond drinks (on ice, of course!) Since I’ve been on Chemo (FEC-T cycle 2 now) I haven’t wanted to drink but had a white wine spritzer in week 3. It was too strong for me- I had to water it down!

I’ve had 6 FEC’s and still have another two to go. My onc said alcohol is ok in moderation but I’ve found that the first week post chemo it all tastes disgusting. Second and third weeks it tastes fine, so I reckon that’s my body’s way of telling me not to indulge during that week, poor liver has enough to cope with processing the FEC’in poison. Incidentally, when I ended up in A&E after FEC 2 with an infection, the young doctor suggested I eat space cake during week 1.she said it would help keep my spirits up! I think I’ll give that a miss though :slight_smile:

What I have found difficult to work out is whether drinking in moderation does pose a risk to us if we have had an er+ tumour. I am continuing to have a glass of wine each evening with my OH but I do now limit it to one small glass . I don’t want to give it up because I enjoy it ! I would even like to have more than one glass when I go to my niece’s wedding in a few weeks time !! Is that really crazy ???

I was first diagnosed in 1990 with BC and it recurred in 2007. I have to say that I have continued to have a glass or two of white wine/bubbly regularly throughout the 23 years and am still here! Personally I think keeping actively fit, eating sensibly and following a healthy lifestyle are of far greater significance. I have lost count of how many different foods and drinks I have read in the press over the years that should be avoided.