Still exhausted after node sampling


I had node sampling day surgery on 17th August and was told I couldn’t work or drive for 2 weeks. So I assumed it was relatively minor surgery. As 2 weeks are nearly up, I presumed I would feel a lot better by now. I was very groggy after the surgery. It was a few days before I felt that perhaps the effects of the anaesthetics had worn off. I hardly ate anything for a week and I have lost half a stone (fortunately I can spare it!).

However, I still feel exhausted, even though I am sleeping for about 9 hours a night, spending nearly all day resting and finally eating reasonably well.

I have seen my GP (who checked blood pressure, heart, no infections, blood tests etc) - everything was OK. I’ve also spoken to my BCN, seen one of the doctors at the hospital, chatted with the ward manager and endless others.

I have been told that many newly diagnosed people suffer from tiredness a few weeks after diagnosis. I supppose this coupled with the surgery is why I feel so shattered.

It is very frustrating as I am usually a busy person, but I am having to learn to be ‘lazy’ and watch a lot of telly. I’m seeing the oncologist on 31st and will be starting chemo soon (in a week or two). I’m just wondering how I will cope if I am still feeling so tired.

Has anyone else experienced similar?
Any advice and comments are welcome.


Hi, I had lumpectomy and lymph node clearence on 23rd July and found that it was a case of if I spent time doing something then I had to rest for an equal amount of time after. I am usually a very active person so have found it very frustrating that a trip to the shops in the morning has meant a nap in the afternoon and can understand how frustrating this is for you too but it does get better, for me this was around the 3.5 weeks post op. I started chemo on 17th August which then wiped me out for a week or so but this weekend have had a lot more energy. I just find these days I need to plan things a bit more and if I want to do something then I know I need to organise a rest session somewhere before or after, or sometimes both. Most of all don’t see it as being lazy but giving yourself the time to heal, so spoil yourself and put your feet up and watch the telly…and if you find something decent to watch let me know, until now I never realised how bad daytime tv was!
Good luck with the oncologist appoinment,

Hi Julie

I have been the same had mx and nodes removed on the 11th and am still recovering, i am getting stronger everyday though but i find it frustrating too, want to be well and full of energy now. I had chemo first so am still recovering from that but you just have to give in to it and rest. I think it makes you more tired when you fight it. It’s a big shock to the system to be diagnosed and treatment starts pretty much straight away, maybe your body is telling you to take it easy, it’s a lot to take in.

Wishing you all the best for the rest of your treatment and hope you feel stronger soon. My BC nurse did advise taking Co en Q10 for energy but i would check with the onc before you take anything.

Lots of love