still have some cording

I had my op at the beginning of November and finished rads three weeks ago.I had some very painful cording after my op…had axillary clearance and lumpectomy and it’s not nearly as bad as it was but still have what feels like one cord going halfway down my arm and just past my scarring.I’m exercising it but find housework etc makes it’s my left arm and thankfully I’m right handed.Have no appointments except bone injection until November.I feel that check ups between that time would be useful, it seems such a long time.I have one in June for my post kidney op.Is this normal as just read cording can lead to lymphedema.Are others suffering or should I be doing something else? Its such a slog getting to hospital as I don’t drive so haven’t contacted them.

I had quite bad cording post-op too, and called my breast care nurse to ask about it.  She referred me to the physio at the hospital, who was fantastic.  She gave me some different exercises to do and it basically cleared up after a few weeks.  I’d definitely recommend going to see the physio at your hospital.  I actually only had the one appointment in the end as it had cleared up so well I cancelled my follow up as it wasn’t necessary any more, so it might not be too arduous getting to the hospital.

Thank you.The breast centre has been wonderful…I just think an earlier follow up would be good to check on how everything’s looking and what you should or shouldn’t be doing exercise-wise.

I also have cording in left arm after lumpectomy, mine went right down the left breast and ribs - very painful, I eventually got to see the lymphodema physio and she was great, I have developed lymphodema in the breast now, rads finished six weeks ago, I found the exercises the physio gave me did help so would defo advise you to try and see your specialist physio . I find the after effects of the surgery and treatments are almost as bad as the initial diagnosis however on a more positive note at least we are getting through this horrible cancer journey, you are not alone , keep up the exercises and ask for help when you need it. Sending hugs love and light x