Still having discomfort in breast area

I had two invasive grade two lumps removed end august and finished radiotherapy in November. All seemed to be going well but this past week I have experienced an ache in my breast. It is more uncomfortable than sharp pain and I feel protective of that area especially if somebody hugs me. Is this normal so long after surgery?

Hi I had lumpectomy exactly 4 years ago and breast is still tender. Apparently the radiotherapy carries on working for quite a while afterwards. When I last questioned my oncologist a few months ago he confirmed that thiis was very normal and to expect this. Hope this helps. Best wishes x

I finished my radiotherapy in September and still have pain and tenderness in my breast, some days too painful to wear a bra.

Plus my skin itches so badly it drives me to distraction.

Do you have this problem too?

I don’t have itchyness but feel pain from armpit to nipple area and nipple and breast feel swollen. I have noticed it happens after over use of my right arm hoovering etc.

Hi Girls - Had radiotherapy just over five years ago and due  my last visit to see my BC nurse on tuesday so thought I’d pop back for one last time to see haow all you ladies are doing and found this thread. Just wanted to share a ray of hope in what must be a dark tunnel at the moment for you - It does improve really . Dont get me wrong I still get sore and feel swollen at times but those times are getting less and there for pshycologically managable . Dont forget you have had those nasty nerve endings cut and they really want to be buddied up to each other but this fades with time. Hang in there , good luck all.

What a coincidence …i finished rads at end of Oct and haven’t had any discomfort since end Nov. Then on Wed morning after my shower I felt a sharp stinging and it’s been tender ever since. Not sure what to do

I finished radiotherapy in mid-September after two lots of surgery including removal of all the lymph nodes on the right side. I thought I’d got off lightly with only some reddening of the skin around the nipple and underside of the breast. However, as the weeks passed I started getting aches and jagging pains in the right breast, my ribs felt as if I’d been kicked and my breast became numb.It’s still no better … wearing a bra is too uncomfortable so I only wear one if I’m going out and then it’s off the minute I get home! From everything I’ve read on here it seems as if this is par for the course and will slowly get better. It’s reassuring to know that others are having similar problems, but disappointing that no mention of how long these effects could last were given in the pre-treatment information sheet. It’s taken a lot of searching online to find out I’m not alone.
Fingers crossed we’ll all feel normal again soon. All best wishes xx

I finished rads at the end of October and over the last couple of weeks, my breast and arm are sore and uncomfortable. seeing my Gp again on Thursday,but I feel better after reading the posts here it’s probably normal to have pain afterwards, just need to get used to it!

I think doing the stretches helps. Radio seems to leave a lingering tendency to make things gets tight fairly rapidly if you don’t keep stretching.
I’m a few months post radio now and recently started getting a weird sensitive sensation roughly where the 2 metal clips or markers must be. Not sure how much of that is bra pull to the bigger side affecting the radio boost nipple area…still waiting for a proper prosthesis.

Hi All,

My surgeries were May / July & rads aug/sept… & have had tenderness since then Over Christmas thought was developing cording - saw my BC nurse & also contacted the physio I met originally when pre-op. Cording confirmed, am now x2 physion sessions down, improved movement in the arm, less pain & as Seabreeze says keeping on doing the exercises, Since seeing the physio most recently I have been given new exercises to keep stretching out.

Good luck with it all