Still having problems and concerned about IBC

I started having breast pain and itching in my left breast around the beginning of November. After a GP appointment I was referred to the breast clinic where they gave me an ultrasound to the area of the breast I had pain (not where I had the itching) and gave me the all clear.

Now in January I still have the itching and although the pain is better it’s not completely gone. I am more concerned about the itching, it’s very localised and although I wouldn’t call it persistent, in so far as its not all day long it’s enough to be irritating at points in the day.

I have no other symptoms, no redness or swelling etc. I am concerned about IBC as I know this wouldn’t show up on an ultrasound and the ultrasound was taken in a different area of my breast anyway.

If this was IBC would I expect to have seen other symptoms by now? I’ve tried creams etc. But nothing has worked. I’ve booked a further GP appointment on Wed as this is driving me crazy and making me very anxious.

Hi Emmalou and really sorry to hear you are still having issues and are feeling so anxious. Itching can be a sign of IBC, but if its not getting any worse that is a reason to be hopeful its something else. That would be quite unusual with IBC. It is best to get it checked out though so you are doing the right thing going back, and don’t feel bad about asking to be checked again. Try not to google anything it will only worry you, hopefully unnecessarily. Stick to the information on sites like Beast Cancer Care. All the best for Weds.

Kess thank you for replying, I have my appointment tomorrow, I’m worried I’m going to leave the surgery without getting some sort of reassurance or further referral. I’ve written down my symptoms so I don’t forget anything. This last week has been unbearable with worry, I feel this is taking over my life, which is how I imagine most people feel, 3 months of symtoms but no answers.

Hi Kess

Well I guess I am no further forward really in so far as she is not sure what is causing my symptoms but she was very nice and gave me a good exam (unlike the last GP). She said she couldn’t see or feel anything that gave her cause for concern but to be doubly safe she is sending me back to the breast clinic.

The appointment is 4 weeks away but she was very understanding at how anxious I am and said I could ring her if needed or if there were any changes.

I really hope that as I’ve had the pain and itching for 3 months with no other IBC symptoms then it isn’t IBC but then I don’t want to count my chickens. I’d just really like to see at least some improvement and get a decent nights sleep.

Thank you for your responses, its such a horrible experience and its reassuring to know there are people out there who know how frightening it is. X

Did your GP manage to speed up your referral or did you go private in the end? I was just reading your other post. I’m having to wait months. :frowning:

I stupidly forgot to write down my symptoms today had them all up in my head and then forgot to mention the pain is in one breast rather than both, that my underarm, shoulder, neck on the same side is in constant pain, that I get shooting pains in the breast. I told her I was too anxious to wait until and of March :frowning: but she said in my age group anything sinister is rare :frowning:

Hi Knorg86

Sorry to hear your also going through what is a frightening experience. After my first GP visit I opted to go private, I rang my local BUPA hospital and had an appointment for the next day, I didn’t have insurance at the time and the cost was £500 which included an ultrasound.

Since a month and half on my symptoms are no better and the pain has actually spread I went back to my GP. Luckily I was still on the NHS waiting list so she told me to go to the appointment I have been given on the 16th Feb for a 2nd referral. It’s still a month away but I feel a bit more reassured since she gave me a proper exam and actually took the time to listen to me. I was in there 25 mins, longer than any appointment I have ever had and that included the private one!

Whereabouts in the country are you? Unfortunately Scotland where I live have some of the longest waiting times, way outside their own guidelines. I have been told that if your willing to travel it is possible to be transferred to another clinic with lower waiting times so it might be worth ringing clinics you could get to to see if their waiting times are any better. Or if you are in a position to go private then you would most probably be seen next week.

Whilst I know it is worrying, I am worrying too! my GP told me yesterday that the key things they look out for are any changes to the breast, size, shape etc. Skin changes, discharge from the nipple etc. Whilst they still investigate pain, often pain in the breast is referred pain particularly from chest wall muscles or the shoulder, it’s all connected and it can be difficult to tell where exactly the pain is stemming from. I hope this is the problem in my case.

I hope your able to get a quicker appointment to put your mind at rest xx