Still having problems with digestion 18 months after Chemo

Hi Girls

Wonder if anyone else is still having problems with indigestion post chemo. I finished Chemo Feb 2007 FEC and Tax. I reacted really badly to the steriods, the most horrific indigestion. Now I appear unable to tolerate any sort of medication except panadol. Everything else gives me tummy ache/indigestion. I have just had an endoscopy and they found gastrisis and duodentsis (inflammation of the lining of the stomach and small intestine). They have put me on Lanopozsole 30mg for 6 weeks to heal it up. But after two weeks of taking it I have stomach cramps and diaorrhoea. I am beginning to wonder if I have irritable bowel. Can any one shed any light on the situation. I am beginning to get so fed up with it all.

Sorry to moan


hi Geraldine,
Like you i seem to have a very sensitive stomach following chemo 2 years ago now. i seem to pick up stomach bugs really easily, have had food poisoning and constantly have wind and what i call a grumbling stomach after i have eaten. I used to get a lot of diaorrhoea, but it seems to have stteld down recently.i was recently sent for a scan as doctor was concerned i might have gall stones, but results came back fine.
I think it is all trial and error with the doctor and i just keep going back.

Don’t apologies for moaning, keep your chin up!!

I finished chemo May 2007,was already on Omeprazole pre dx for hiatus hernia but since chemo I get upset tum so easily,diarrhoea,wind,indigestion and only sometimes normality.It doesnt take much for me to be sick either but my onc says things can take 3 years to settle after chemo so I live in hope!Valxx

Thank you both, your posts have put my mind at rest. I really feel I may have a bit of irritable bowel now. Forgot to say I also has a small hiatus hernia as well. I am sure that was due to all the straining!!!


Hi Geraldine,I was diagnoses with IBS while on chemo 4yrs ago and its plagued me ever since! I had the same chemo as you(4xFEC,4xTax)I found I could manage alright without the steroids although they were included them automatically with the chemo drugs.I take Colpremin capsules or Colovac, and I’ve found a very good pro-biotic made by Odu which I do feel the benefits of…Good luck!
Josie x

It’s not drug based but in the past I’ve used aloe vera to help heal after bad gut infections, food poisoning etc. Maybe see a nutritionalist.

I’m very weary of using drugs to fix stomach problems. I was on gaviscon for years from constant vomiting but managed to fix the problem with homeopathy in the end (after about 10 different drugs were tried and failed). My mum’s OH was hospitalised and nearly died after loosing too much blood from a stomach ulcer which he had been keeping under control using gaviscon. So I take this stuff really very seriously.

Second the comment about probiotics though. Can I also suggest you look at easiyo which is yogurt you make at home with a little kit.

It’s much more live than the so called active stuff you get in the shops and will help repopulate your gut with good bacteria. Aloe very juice helps line all the way through the gut also. However I am not a nutritionalist so you might want to go see a pro but I can’t recommend enough the idea of seeing the digestive system as a whole that needs to be treated with nutrition.

Thanks girls for all your excellent advise. Looks like I will be going shopping. I think it is a really good idea about the nutritaionalist and will look into it.
Thanks again