Still having work done 3 years down the line. Help!

3 years ago I got cancer in my right breast. Had a mastectomy and an immediate reconstruction. A bulge formed so the implant was taken out and another put in. This was a really small implant and my skin just wrinkled and hung like a very old woman’s ! Eventually this was exchanged for another one but still not the same same size as my existing breast. I then had fat transferral which didn’t make the slightest difference. I’ve now just recently had another implant put in as my breast was misshapen and rock hard. I have a better shape and its softer but still so small in comparison and wrinkled with loose skin again. I’ve been told I can have fat transferral next year which I don’t think will make much difference. I’m so depressed . After having all those ops I’m still looking extremely lopsided . I can’t get over this. I’m crying almost every day and hate looking at myself. Is there anybody out there that has had a similar experience and can give me some advice or hope that things will definitely get better .

Hi Blaine13

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Hi Blaine

I couldn’t read and run so thought I would leave you a little reply.


I had left MX almost 6 years ago now. Had expander put in and then permanent implant six months later. This did not take as my skin was far too thin and stretched. So it had to come out and I had LD flap recon in several stages. The whole process took 4 years ( which included surgery to the healthy side). In total i must have had about 7 ops from start to finish. My advice is find yourself a good to excellent PS. There are some fabulous surgeons out there who can work wonders on us BC ladies. At the end of the day, this is something which YOU have to live with for the rest of your life, so I don’t think you should have to accept being lopsided. I have reasonable symmetry now and some kind of cleavage. I did not have this to begin with, but my second PS worked very hard to try and make the best of a bad job. I am left with lots of scarring, so don’t tend to look at myself too hard, else I do feel sad. But i can get on with life now, whereas before, I couldn’t because the outcome needed to be right. I have not had a fat transfer, but I do believe that several attempts are necessary, in order to achieve the required result? It seems to work well for some ladies, but not all.


Why is your new implant smaller than your other breast? Have you had radiotherapy, as this can sometimes cause problems with skin and implants? Do speal to your PS and let he or she know you are unhappy with the result.


Really feel for you and hope you get sorted soon.


Naz xx


Hi Blaine,
Would you consider a reduction to your other breast ? my surgeon offered.this right from diagnosis, but i opted to wait until full yreatment options were known and completed. I have since been ““matched”” and am delighted. Good luck and thimking of you x x

Hi Blaine13(hope I got that right)

I haven’t been on the forum for a long time , but just read your thread and I wanted to say I too was diagnosed with Breast Cancer Jan 2012 .

i have just had my fourth operation on Saturday which was a small skin graft and lipofil in my left breast and mastoplexy to my right implant (I had a bilateral masectomy in June 2014 .)

i am very lucky as my surgeon is very good at her job, and even though it does feel never ending I think this will be my LAST op please God !! 

I don’t know if this will help you or not ,but I do hope you feel more confident after your surgeries


Kind Regards