still no date for recon

still no date for recon

still no date for recon Hi everyone,

I just need to have a bit of a moan, I was told just before christmas that my LD bilateral reconstruction would probably take place in April, I am desperately waiting for the letter to arrive giving me an actual date for the op. We had to cancel our family holiday last year because of the cancer and we so want one this year, but I won’t go until I have had the recon, so we are in limbo at the moment - we can’t even book anything. I keep going to ring the hospital to see if they can give me an idea of the date but haven’t managed to pluck up the courage, I don’t want them to think I’m bing pushy. I so desperately want this op I can’t think about anything else. How long have some of you had to wait for recon ??

limbo Hi kaz,

i know what you mean about being in limbo,
as i’m there too!

i saw my surgeon in dec who told me i would have to wait till i’ve finished my herceptin, before i can have my recon.
Then i saw my plastic surgeon [my surgeon sent me to her]
in feb , who said herceptins no problem and said she would pencil me in for july.
i too cant book holidays untill i hear wether i’m having it done or not?

i called the plastic surgeons secertary who called me back ,and told me the 2 surgeons were performing a recon together wednesday just gone, and would be chatting about me then.

i’m still waiting for my phone to ring or a letter to fall through my letter box.

i hope you hear something soon.

kim x

Hi Kim,

Thank you for replying

Not nice is it all this waiting, don’t know about you but it’s all I can think about at the moment.

Are you having the LD reconstruction ??, that’s what I’m having a bilateral one, I’m both excited and nervous as I’ve been told that this operation takes longer to physically get over than the mastectomy, the mastectomy took along time to get over emotionally and I know that I’m not over the emotional side of it yet but feel the recon will be a step in the right direction.

Please keep in touch and let me know when you get a date and I’ll keep you informed.



yes i agree hun , its all i’m thinking about at the moment.
my hubby said dont get your hopes up for july in case it dosent
happen, but i already have and i’ll be so dissapointed if its put off till next year.
im having a diep.

do you use the other forum ?
if you do we can chat via their private message’s,
i’m kimi on there if you do.

kim x

Hi Kaz Hi Kaz,

  1. Ring them up. Tell them you’re just making sure that the letter hasn’t been lost in the post. This way you’re not being pushy but simply efficient and helpful.

  2. If you can’t get them to commit to a date or even a particular month then consider booking last minute holidays and letting the hospital know when you’ll be away.

Best wishes,


Hi Sue and Kim,

Plucked up the courage to phone the hospital but still no date for the recon, apparently my surgeon is pretty much fully booked up to the middle of April but only has a couple of operations penciled in for the latter part. I think the lady I spoke too could hear the desperation in my voice and has said she would speak with the surgeon asap. She also said to ring her if I haven’t heard anything by the middle of April. So its still a case of “watch this space” as soon as I know I’ll let you know.

Thank you so much for your support believe me it’s much appreciated


For Kaz42 Hi Kaz,
I just wanted to say that I hope that you’ve now heard about when your op will be. If not, I hope that you’ll hear soon.
Sorry I’ve come in a bit late on this thread but also wanted to say hi and to hope that you’re okay.

Take care and bye for now,

Hi Beth,

Thanks for you support, still no date as yet but I did get a letter from the hospital asking if I still wanting to be on the waiting list for the reconstruction, I’m hoping the fact I got this letter indicates that my op is going to happen sooner rather than later so watch this space - I can’t wait


kaz That letter sounds like good news hun, fingers crossed you hear from them again soon with a firm date.

i had a call from my surgeons secertary last friday, she just said no news and she was still researching about herceptin.

i’ve a funny feeling that the closer i get to july, that mine isnt going to happen this year.

let me know when you get a date, im thinking of you hun.

kim x

Hi Kim,

I got an answerphone message from the hospital yesterday stating that I would definately have the operation before the end of May. Great news - can’t wait.

Hope everything is good with you.

Will let you know of actual date as soon as I know

Thanks for all your support


Hi All,

Had phone call from hosp saying to hit their target I should have my reconstruction in April but the surgeon I am under is unable to do it in April, so given two choices either have a different surgeon so could operate in April or wait for my surgeon and hopefully have it in May. I so want this op asap but decided to wait for my surgeon as he is the top one at this hospital, and I have spoken to several women who have been operated on by him and they are all really pleased with their results. This waiting game is really getting me down, but like my partner said you only get one chance at this op and so why not wait for the best to perform it.

Will keep you informed of any more developments

Thanks for all your support


for Kaz Hi Kaz,
I just wanted to say hang on in there. Glad to hear that the surgeon will be doing your op hopefully next month. I agree with you and your hubby, for what it’s worth, that it’s best to wait for the right person to do the op for you. If he’s the best, then it’s worth a few extra weeks.

Also, glad to hear that you know people who’ve had the op with that surgeon - I’ve been in contact with a couple of people who’ve had the same surgeon for my op and it’s reassuring to know that they’re pleased with the results.

All the very best,

Hi Kim and Beth,

I am pleased to report I now have my date for the reconstruction, I have the op on Tuesday 22nd May at the City General Hosp in Stoke on Trent.

I actually cried when I opened the letter, I just feel once I’ve had this op I can have some sort of closure.

Hope you are both well.

Take Care


great news Hi Kaz
I replied on the other thread too - where I was asking about timings of delayed recon
anyway I am really pleased for you, It must feel great at last to have that date in the diary
wishing you all the very best, hope it goes fantastically well

Message for Kaz Hi Kaz,
Great to hear that you’ve got a date for your op! All the very best and I will be thinking of you on the day, (I will need to make a note of the date though as the old memory’s not what it used to be!)

Sending you a hug,

Still waiting for a date? Isn’t t it the case that you can’t be on a waiting list for longer than six months now. If that’s so and you were put on the waiting list in December, you should get a date before June. It all depends when you were put on the list of course. i decided to have the recon surgery in the February of last year but it took until April 19th this year before it happened. With all the hoops you have to jump through before you get to see the surgeon it was November before I was officially on the waiting list. Have you thought about going to see your GP and telling him or her how much it is bothering you. If anyone is going to phone the hospital it might be better received if it comes from another health professional.

kaz kaz

i’m so pleased for you hun , i really am.

i too have been told my date is 11th july for my diep,
i’ve not got the letter yet, i was told by the plastic surgeons secertary.

i have to go for a CT of my belly in june to check my blood vessels,
and she told me i would be hearing from them in june about the op.

i’ll be thinking of you hun, as i have a weeks holiday booked the week your having your op.

kim xx

Hi Kim,

Good news for you too then.

Hope you have a great holiday and I’ll let you know how I get on after the op.

Take care


just had bilateral recon Hi All,

Came out of hospital 3 weeks ago after having my bilateral recon using the muscle and skin from the back. I have to say the worst part was not being able to get comfortable to sleep as stitches front and back with 4 drains going in both sides. I won’t beat around the bush it has been painful but managable with pain killers and I can honestly say I would definately go throught it again as I am so pleased with the results.

My partner found it hard going, the waiting around while I was in theatre 6 1/2 hours,but he’s just happy that I’m ok and happy with the results.

I’m not able to drive yet as the movement in my arms is still limited and I don’t have alot of strength in them either but I am now looking forward to a 16 day holiday in Spain in August as we had to cancel last years holiday after being diagnosed and needing the mastectomy sooner rather than later.

I now feel I can move on with my life, the light at the end of a very long dark tunnel has now appeared and I feel great.

Hope you are all well and keeing your spirits up

Take care