Still no news more waiting

Went back to the clinic last thurday for my biopsy on two lumps. Need to wait till thursday for the results. I havent a clue whats going on. Having read other peoples posts they seem to be given some idea of whats going on, but i feel as if i’m being left in the dark.
I’m not to worried about the lumps, they have said there probably beign. What there not telling me about is this other area that showed on the first mammagram i had. Since them I’ve had a further four five close ups of this area done. Been shown the image, which close up is a big white blob. All they have said about it is that he needs to discuss this with his colleagues! So more waiting for me. Just want to get this over and done with now.

The waiting is without doubt the worst bit, we’ve all been there and know what it’s like so feel free to rant, cry ask questions or whatever helps on this site as it’s been a complete godsend to me.

The agony of waiting in the dark is such torture, I really sympathise with you. There’s nothihg we can suggest that’ll make the worry go away, but we’re here for you if you want to rant and rave.

Fingers crossed for your talk with your doc on Thursday.