Still painful after 3 weeks

I had a right side mastectomy and Sentinal node removal 3 weeks ago and am still in a bit of pain and am nowhere near full movement although It’s getting slightly better each day. I’ve read that others were back to full movement after 3 weeks - should I be worried.


ive not been able to rest as much as I should as I am widowed with a 13 year old daughter who won’t do a thing to help me (she is bottom end of the autism scale so is finding the changes associated with my diagnosis difficult to cope with).  I’ve still not looked at my scar, shower in a bikini top and and can only massage the area if I put a soft mitt on and then massage the e45 cream



Apologies as I didn’t have a mastectomy, but I wanted to acknowledge your post and say sorry that you’re struggling.

I had a lumpectomy last year and it did take a couple of weeks for me to get over it. So I imagine what you’re feeling is perfectly normal. We all heal at different rates, some quicker than others.

I’m sure there will be others along shortly who can advise. Alternatively, give your bcn a call, or post in the Ask a Nurse section on here.

Sending a gentle hug.

Sue xx

Hi Tattyed, 

Sorry your not getting much rest and support but I know this forum has been invaluable to me so I hope it can be to you too. I know your concern very well. I had right hand mastectomy with ADM immediate reconstruction, Sentinal node and expander implant and like you I was still in some pain after weeks. The pain did eventually subside to more of a discomfort. 

Please don’t worry as your surgeon would have said something if there was anything to worry about. Everybody is completely different and pain effects us differently. 

As for looking at the scar, I still had dressings on for 4 weeks and then sterile strips for a further 8 days, it takes time to adjust and feel. 

Sending positive wishes and you’ll get there. 


thanks - i know its fine as nurse said last week that it was healing really well.  today is my first proper really down day since diagnosis at beginning of July.  i think im just fed up of the pain now and am missing a hug xx

Tattyed where are you I know my bcn told me about groups local to me is there anything similar in your area. I know in my area I have been told about a group called breast friends … maybe getting out and being with others in a similar situation might help but I understand that is not everyone’s thing xx

im Derby but im not one for group stuff -  im usually fine tbh its just that this morning the pain got to me and i just felt very alone and wishing my lovely husband was still here as he would be looking after me and being supportive - i just let the pain and fed up ness of it all get to me today.  im going wig shopping tomorrow with my daughter and ive promised her we will have a good laugh and she can choose it - god knows what ill end up with lol x

Hope you have a great day tomorrow chiding your wig lets us know what colour you end up with … and the style ?

Choosing not chiding lol