Still really worried - Help Please!

i carnt answer that as it didnt ask but my sis has had cyst for many yrs and never has one turned into cancer , as for treatment i had a wle (removed tumor and cyst ) and removel of nodes and i am bout to start chemo then will have rads after that
hope that helps

Thank you for all your advice and help, wish you a really speedy recovery x

Hi Nadhia, I am sorry to hear that you are still worrying, but the consultants etc. in the clinics are very experienced and sadly see hundreds of cases of breast cancer each year. I had a lump three years ago, at the same time as another member of my family was diagnosed with bc. I went along to the clinic and the consultant said from the start I am certain that this is not cancer, but as its a lump and not a cyst we will do a core biopsy, the results came back inconclusive because they had not (I found out later got enough tissue) so it was decided to remove the lump. Again between it being removed and the lump being biospied the consultant told me that he was pretty sure it would be ok. He was right.

Three years later, February this year I went for a routine Mamogram and was called back. They had found something suspicious and wanted to do more tests. THis time when I asked the consultant did he think it was cancer, he said I am sorry but I can’t give you an answer to that, as it does look suspicious. THe whole attitude of the team doing the prone biopsy etc. was totally different to the last time, in that nobody would actually look me in the eye. I went back ten days later and was told I had cancer. I had to have surgery and it was found I have high grade DCIS and also grade 2 invasive cancer. I have just had my nodes tested and have also been told that the disease is so large that I need a mastectomy as they could not get clear margins with the lumpectomy.

I am very lucky in that a mammogram found my cancer, and that its early stages. My two invasive tumours were quite small. My team have told me that there is no rush to do the mastectomy and that it will be done in June as cancer does not grow quickly.

So what I am saying is, I have cancer and although the invasive tumours have been removed I have alot of dcis (cancer in the milk ducts) still in my breast but my team are not worried about making me wait until next month as the cancer does not grow quickly, so it could not have changed from a cyst one month to cancer the next.

I hope my post has helped reassure you in that one, doctors have a very good idea when they see cancer, but they can certainly tell a cyst from an ultrasound. You have had two opinions so I think it would be very highly unlikely that two doctors could make the mistake of thinking cancer was a cyst.

Good luck and I hope you feel better after you have had your appointment.