STILL sitting in the waiting room - screaming!

I’ve been climbing the walls all day waiting for my appointment this afternoon to get the tumour results after WLE and SNB + OSNA last Monday. I already know it’s cancer (grade 2 IDC, Er and Pr+ 6/8, no node involvement) so I’ll have radio and hormone therapies as a minimum.

Just got off the phone in tears with the BCN, the blasted results aren’t back from the lab so the appointment has been put off by a week. I am SOOOO fed up!

My BCN said that she’d be able to phone me on Friday IF the results are in by then, but that would only give me the results and not the treatment plan, as the multi-disciplinary team would still need to discuss them, and the surgeon’s next session is next Wednesday as she operates on Mondays and Tuesdays.

I really want to hit something.

I really feel for you CM.
The times when I have had a major wobble were at times of uncertainty. like when I was chasing the first onc appointment and was getting nowhere, I just burst into tears. OH rang back and they finally gave me a date. Then when I had the delay with the inflamed mass in my bowel, I went for an appt with my onc after my scan expecting him to tell me whether or not I needed an op and when chemo would start. He hadn’t found out and I just burst into tears - I’d been in limbo for three weeks, waiting patiently for scans stc . I think he probably thinks I’m weeping and wailing all the time, most of the time I’m OK. I didn’t feel he understood that it was the not knowing which was getting to me.

You psych yourself up and then when nothing happens all that tension has to be released somehow.
Go and find a punch bag or go for a run or something.

Stella xx

I know how you feel, Choccie. Sometimes everything seems to conspire against you. How about having the lab move on the day when they should have been doing your results, which of course puts the multi-disciplinary meeting off as well…

Punch a pillow.



Really feel for you, how frustrating,I know how you feel, did my head in waiting that extra week for lymph node results & then yesterday i chased Onc appointment as have been waiting 3 weeks for that to find out i had been referred but had been lost in the system (forgotten)


Oh Choccie, this is more than a ‘bummer’, it’s terrible. Cutting the blasted thing out helps our mindset but it’s only the start. I know the delay wasn’t done on purpose but it doesn’t help at all. You build youself up for the appt and then just run into a brick wall. I’m due to get mine at 1030hrs on Friday and depending on wound healing, intended to go back to work during the gap before Radio starts (i’m hoping chemo’s not required but my surgeon didn’t want to give me results from biop so I don’t know grade or stage yet). However, if my results are delayed too I know I’ll be climbing walls so won’t be able to concentrate at work. Cyber hugs flung your way x Chris

Really feel for you, Choccie, mine weren’t back until a week after I was expecting them, either, and it almost felt like the last straw. It is a big disappointment, because how can you begin to plan ahead until you know exactly what THEIR plan is for you? We’ve often said waiting is the worst part, and it is Soo true.


So sorry. It’s appalling and i can’t understand how the standard of care and differ so much across the country. As i go along i’m making notes of cock-ups and glitches and intend to give them to whoever it needs to be at the end of all this. There just doesn’t seem to be any joined up thinking.

There’s nothing to say to make it better. Hang on in there.


Feel for you CM. You give others such a lot of good advice and support on the threads and I reckon you are a strong person. Keep your chin up. Hope the time passes more quickly than you think it will and that your results are the best they can be.

Pauline x

Heather, that is EXACTLY it. I want to at least think about making plans and I’m left strung up and dangling - I feel so totally powerless. There has been a LOT of swearing and tears this afternoon and next Wednesday for the consultation is extremely inconvenient, as I already HAVE plans! I might get the raw results by Friday but that’s only “might”, not “will”. Grrr. Harumph. Bum.

Do you sometimes get the feeling that you are there for the convenience of the doctors? Believe me, I know the feeling. It’s one thing to make allowances for difficult or unusual circumstances, and that’s stressful enough, but it’s another when you feel that you just don’t count.


I know, Choccie,if you’re like me you have a diary, AND a calendar with your “plans” on, and it is extremely frustrating to not know what’s happening, and when! Hope I don’t sound like I always have to be in control of events! Well, actually, I DO prefer to be!
Grr! Soo upsetting for you.:frowning:

The waiting around that comes with having cancer is totally sh*te.

I know what it’s like when you need to put the hellish dates in your diary - I need to know WHEN in order to prepare. Chasing on the phone isn’t fun either. I had two onc appts before my results had come back from surgery.

Hope you get some more news on Friday. xx

I suffered delays too, it’s dreadful just waiting. Could you phone your BCN everyday to check if they’re in? it would be SOMETHING you could do - it makes you feel so powerless doesn’t it?
P xxxx