Still sore from biopsy

I was diagnosed a week ago with grade 2 breast cancer & have to wait until 24th March for lumpectomy. Saw consultant this afternoon & have what he thinks is still swelling at biopsy site. It feels like a lump & is tender. I had biopsy over 3 weeks ago & was wondering if anyone else had had this problem or is it unusual.

Hi Anita, I was diagnosed on 22nd Jan following a core biopsy. I had a lump at the biopsy site for 2-3 weeks. The Dr said it was a hematoma, hope I’ve spelt that right. I believe it’s bleeding under the skin. Didn’t cause any problems. I had a mastectomy on Tuesday so now at home recovering, hope that helps, Jane xx

Hi Anita definitely sounds like a haematoma. 24th March seems like a long time, did they give you a reason for that?
How are you doing Jane? Hope you’re being pampered!! Xx

I always think I’d love the chance to do nothing but actually the reality is totally different especially when it’s forced on you. It will get better especially when the dratted drains come out.
Anita I feel for you I really do. Whereabouts are you? I’ve just found my routine mammogram letter from last year telling me it all appears normal. It was on the 16th April. Scary to think it would be over two years before I got another one if I hadn’t found the lump.

I still have a hard area which is still a bit painful  from the biopsy  I had last september  (they havent discussed anybody as much as me at the mdt in yonks  apparently! ) it was the swelling sent me back to the gp as I thought it a bit odd  and the rest is history.  In my area its a month from diagnosis to surgery. Good luck x