Still very bruised and swollen 4 weeks after wle

I don’t know how many people read various boards, not just the ones relating to them, but as I said on another one I had a wle and snb four weeks ago today, on the left upper quadrant of my left breast.  I opted for no follow up treatment as I had clear margins and no node involvement.  Following surgery my breast was very badly bruised, absolutely purple black underneath more than on top, and even now it’s still very obvious, also still very swollen around the incision and feels warm although not red.  Should I be worried, or is this normal?



Does your breast feel hard as I developed a haematoma a couple of weeks after surgery and this felt warm to touch. It was not infected but did look very bruised, get someone to check it out xx

Hi Twinks


get it checked out as soon as you can


I had a heatoma as well and i developed an infection.


My wound was fine  and my breast warm but not hot.


It’s better to get someone to look at it now as I left it too long and had to get emergency surgery.


it might be nothing but it’s best to know.


good luck