Still waiting for diagnosis after 6 months, poss bone mets

Hi all,


i was diagnosed with male breast cancer 3 1/2 years ago when 31. All went smoothly just had mastectomy and then tamoxifen.


However, over the last year I’ve had issues with bowels, weight loss, back issues etc.

Long story short, after lots of tests etc they didn’t find anything wrong with me but a ct scan in January flagged up a lesion on my spine. I was told not to worry but sent for 2 further mri’s in March.

When I finally had a meeting in April with colorectal consultant he says no problems with bowel so discharging me, but would refer me to neurosurgery as the vertebral lesion was out of his expertise and that’s what radiologist recommended (scan showed unknown lesion on t12 vertebrae in main body and into left pedicle)


This sent me into abit  of a panic as after much googling (I know I shouldn’t) the most likely cause was bone mets. But I felt nothing was really being done to find out.

i contacted the breast cancer care phone line who said I should tell everyone I could to try to get to bottom of it so I’ve been nagging my GP, breast clinic, neurosurgery clinic to try to get someone to tell me what was going on.

The breast clinic nurse has been really helpful by chasing everything up with neurosurgery. Unfortunately the neurosurgeon who looked at my scans said as doesn’t need immediate surgery so he wouldn’t look into it so would be referring back to colorectal.

So I’ve been in no mans land with trying to find a diagnosis for this lesion. Even though I’ve not been referred to breast clinic yet they discussed me at their MDT meeting on Friday and their radiologist said there was no proof that it was related to my previous BC, but couldn’t tell what this lesion was.

so they’re send me for another MRI in next week or so.


I feel like I should be reassured that no one has urgently looked into this, but in reality I just think it’s not been taken seriously up until now. I’d of thought the possibility of having bone mets would of meant urgent investigation as the sooner the treatment the better the outcome.

Has anyone else had such a long time getting diagnosed? It’s been a huge weight on me as my life’s been put on hold until I find out what’s going on.


sorry for ranting, it just helps getting it all out



Hi Dan. Blimmey you have got alot on your plate. I’m not going to advise, as I’m no expert, but it does sound like you need to rant, get support and some answers. I’m sure Someone on here will point you in direction. Maybe post again on other threads, state your a male in header, just a thought. You can call nurses for free ( see bottom) contacts. They are so helpful. Looks like it’s quiet on here today. Wishing you all the best. Do keep posting, answers will come, shoulders to lean on. Let’s hope you get reassurance you deserve and questions answered. Take care.x