Still worried- Still waiting!

Still worried- Still waiting!

Still worried- Still waiting! Hi, thanks for the replies to my last message a couple of weeks ago. It will be three weeks this friday since my gp referred me to the breast clinic. I still had’nt had an appointment yesterday, so i phoned them to find out what was happening, they made the appointment while i was on the phone, still three weeks away though, 19/7/07. Last time i had a lump i went private (paid for by inlaws, they couldnt put up with my moods!) :wink: . it cost £600, scan, etc, but i was seen in two weeks and had everything done in one place in about an hour. Oh well, i’ll have to keep myself busy, baking cakes, house will be spotless, need to lose some weight so lots of walks with the kids/dog! Anyway sorry for rambling, Heidi.

Goodness… 6 weeks seems like such a long wait… I had to wait 13 days and nearly went out of my mind…

Is there nothing you can do to be seen earlier? is there anyway they can call you if there’s a cancellation…?

is there no general guideline as to how long is acceptable for waiting to be seen further…
this really seems unnacceptable.

Sending you lots of strength to get through the next three weeks.

Hi thanks for the reply,
The secretary at the breast clinic said that was the earliest appointment she’d got, i’m not down as urgent, not sure which part of having a breast lump means your not urgent!
Keep being told my age makes me low risk (36) but you only have to look at the forums on here to see that a lot of the time thats not the case!
I hate waiting and wondering, the longer it goes on the more i think ive got something nasty,
Trying to think positive,

hey chica
keep your chin up…limbo land is pants…as for your age, could go either way. I was 29 when i found my lumps…and 30 when they finally panicked (fair enough was only 4 weeks before i turned 30). If youve had lumps before…phone your gp and explain what youve been told by the breast clinic…and see what they can do for you. GPs might not have a lot of clout…but theyve got more than you think if you have a chat with them.