Stop the Spread of Cancer


Not sure if this has been posted elsewhere but it sounds very promising !!.

A team of AICR funded researchers in London has just published exciting findings which could lead to a drug to stop breast cancer spreading.

Thanks Col
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Hi Col

It sounds very exciting - lets hope it doesn’t take them years to get to actual patient trials, but these things do seem to take a very long time. But it’s all encouraging news.

This is yet another report of something which has appeared promising when used on mouse models. The vast majority of these kind of ‘discoveries’ about cancer when translated into human trials are absolutely useless.

Millions and millions of pounds of research money is spent on useless mouse models, which are always hyped in the press as though they were soon to be realised cures. I think this has the effect of obscuring the reality that a cure for cancer is many many years away. Somehow we get drip fed bits of ‘exciting’ news about this and that mouse experiment, which, when looked at carefully amounts to no real progress for people with cancer.


Thanks for the info coljuk.
Every test has to start somewhere.
Even though this could take years and years to develop,it can still give us hope,not for us but for others in the future.
How about seeing this as positive news instead of negative for a change!

Here here Alli

Everything has to start somewhere - and some of these trials will become reality. They cannot start right away on humans!!