Stopping radiotherapy after beginning it

Hello, I’ve had three sessions of radiotherapy following a WLE. Emotionally, I am finding it intolerable and have hit an all time low. I had clear margins and the tunour (10mm) was excised at all margins. The tunour was EST+ and PG+ and Her-. 0/2 lymph nodes also, no vasuclar spread and no necrosis. i have done reams and reams of research and have had second opinions. Studies show that radiotherapy is not statistically significant with my type of cancer when it involves post-menopausal women. I am 39, however. i feel that my spirit is ebbing away with the radiotherapy and am wondering if anyone has ever stopped having it after beginning it? I am seeing my oncologist tomorrow to discuss this. I have been told that i risk not less than a 20% chance of recurrennce at 10 years with NO further treatment. Any comments appreciated (although I would appreciate a balanced view).

So sorry to hear this, its hard isnt it to have to make these sorts of decisions i have to decide whether to have my breast off so i understand how you may feel. I cant offer any advise other than would it be possible to take a break and start again in a month or so.

I loathed radiotherapy but decided to keep going with it. Each day I would tick off that day and I gave myself a treat at the end - three cartons of haagen daz on three successive days.

It’s better to have the radiotherapy I think as it can prevent recurrence. I also took diazepam whenever I felt particularly anxious. In the end I only took them the first day.

I didn’t like the machinery or the position you are left in. I also didn’t like the conveyor belt system where one person was followed immediately by the next, or the underground location.

Yes it’s great when you’ve finished but at least I appreciate I did it. one of the other women on here used to tank herself up with brandy beforehand I remember

I just tried to think as positive as possible when i was having rad treatment. I had DCIS and used to say to myself when the machine started Dastardly Cells Into Smithereens!! By the end of the 5 weeks i was saying get the hell out of my body you b*******!!! Made me feel better! You have to decide what is right for you. Take care.

I read something that helped me at the time.

Just zone yourself out and look upon the rays as healing white light. Close your eyes and/or use visualisation if it helps ( a sunny beach or summer garden).
It seemed as soon as I had set the scene, it was over and I actually felt quite uplifted after.

It helped me but not to say it would help everyone

Best wishes
Julie x

I had 25 sessions. When I attended they always put a CD on to take your mind off things. I used to focus on the radiotherapy killing off the cancer and making me well again. I also used to lie down and meditate for a bit at home afterwards.

Do try to stick it out…did you have chemo? x

I would carry on i wud feel that im selling myself short after all i like to see things through and finish what i started no point in half measures you only have one life and i would like to keep hold of that for a while longer try and stay posotive and focus on the end it will go quick i had 20 got to meet some realy nice people while i was there

I know it’s hell but I think you should persevere with this now that you have started. Get a calendar and cross off the days and say each morning ‘only … more days to go now’

I found the so-called ‘planning/simulation session’ like being lowered into the pits of hell, so anything that followed was wee buns in comparison.