Just wondering does anyone have a shiver sensation go through there body in wave’s going from one side to another?

Ive been having it a while now, but just only thought to ask if anyone else has them

im having last fec tomorrow



Hi,iv just finished 6xfec,i had that down 1side after the 5th,but my main problem is aching hips.Anybody else have this?So painful it wakes me at nite…Sarahx

Hi Sarah63

Aching hips probably due to white blood cell manufacture, I’ve had filigrastim jabs after FEC to stimulate this and they made my hips really ache. You could perhaps ask chemo ward about taking neurofen to ease it.

Hi Donna, I’ve had really bad shivers after each FEC for a few days but not quite how you’d described. I’d just shiver from head to toe, I thought it was an se and ignored it!

Hope this helps you both.

Thank you helen,i finished chemo4wks ago

It isnt showing all of my reply.Tut!Yes must be that along with lying and sitting around through tiredness,i always like to know if any1else has the same.Thanks.Sarahx