Strange or funny things overheard!

OK, an idea for a new thread. Please post only things you have truly heard in public -either on the street, in buses or restaurants, etc. I’ll start:


Overheard in a town in France - an American, with a very strong American accent, said “Coiffure- It’s amazing how many American words they use here in France” - referring to a hairdressers sign saying “Coiffure”.


Hugs. Barton.x

Hi ,
Sounds fun , you reminded of this ,

Years ago on a family holiday in the middle of France we were out for dinner and I was doing my upmost to get the kids to behave like humans at the table , our youngest who was little at the time shouted at his loudest ,

"Eh Mum ,deze French are dead good cookers "
at least he liked the food !
Regards Marcelle ,

My niece is now married, but when she was about 5, I took her to Chessington Zoo( one could afford to in those days!)


anyway, we were standing watching some monkeys in a cage and we were totally surrounded by very noisy chatty families…


my neice said 'Oh, look that ones a boy monkey, he’s got a…(and by this time, there was total silence)




i recall hastily suggesting we went for an ice cream!