Strange private message

Hi,has anyone else had a strange private message . Someone called rotbib. They have no details listed as I clicked on name and don’t know who they are.
It says you can cure cancer if you click on some link. ???!!!

Yes I had the same message. I have reported it to the moderators as I was concerned. I would recommend that no one follows the link in the message as it seems a little suspicious.


Very bizarre…no sorry i havent had anything like that but a bit worrying?
Bev xxx

This sort of thing has happened before. A while ago now I and others received a PM from someone who wanted my bank details to give me a large sum of money which, if I remember correctly, belonged to his late sister who had died of BC. Not very nice to know even a BC site is targeted by scammers. ?

Omg! Belinda,that’s terrible,god I’ve lived a sheltered life. I’m gob smacked that people would stoop to those levels. I bet whoever the “cancer cure” person is wanted money for the cure on their link. Makes my skin crawl,to think of people like that. Well I hope they never find themselves with SBC or someone they love.