strange sensations in affected breast

For a few months I occasionally experience shooting pains in the breast going down into the nipple. Is this normal?
I’m not sure what to expect anymore.
Best wishes,
P.S My weight has shot up from 12.7 pre tamoxifen to 14.3 last week. My husband keeps reminding me that the situation is temporary but that doesn’t do anything for my self confidence or self worth now. I know it’s a horrible thing to say but if I had opted for a mastectomy then I would have reduced by a few pounds!!!

Hi there I had mastectomy in Oct ober 2007 and recon jan 08 have shooting pains every where except my nipple …cos I havent got a new one yet … I lost a stone when first dx …have been on Tamoxifen since november 07 and kept my weight off ,but have bad eye probs ,thinning hair and mood swings ,the eyes are very blurry and quite worrying and I am waiting to see a specialist next week … my new boob weighs a ton so I cant afford to put any weight on … i think it is only natural to lose our confidence as we have been through a major life change …at least your husband reassures you …mine has forgotten i have ever had it xxxxx