Strength with others

Aww hugs are always good. I got one today too from our social worker (we are foster carers).


I’m rapidly getting a very strange sense of humour along with my lovely hubby. He says he should be offended by neighbours cat blooper as she obviously thinks he isn’t capable of taking care of the pets!

They are Basia and I am trying to convince my hubby having a fur baby to stroke will be relaxing x he will probably get me a hamster ?

Cats are very relaxing ,stroking them can lower your blood pressure .They are always available for a bit of fuss even in the middle of the night .

I have a dog too ,but they are such a big commitment, particularly if you are tired /ill/incapacitated,they need a walk whether you feel up to it or not .I have had to call in a lot of favours with dog when going through treatment .A cat will just sit contentedly next to you on the sofa ,low maintenance !!!

animals are definetly intuative x