Stress and strains of BC

Stress and strains of BC

Stress and strains of BC Hi, I feel quite lucky after reading some of the other topics on here today. Although I am feeling quite low at present, surgery results were good with grade 1 invasive with DCIS but no lymph involvement.

Just received a call to attend tomorrow to see the Oncologist. At this moment my husband is in hospital having three stents inserted into his heart, and I am feeling quite alone without him. He has been a tower of strength with both of us having life threatening problems we have been strong for each other but I realised last night just how much I have relied on him.

I have always been in control, including my skeletal disabilities but now feel out of control with BC and with hubbies heart and lung desease, oh yes he has had a lung desease for a number of years so having breast cancer, I felt was not the worse thing to be told. As I will get a chance of a good recovery but with heart problems this is not always the case. I do feel lucky though as I do have a good support network but I do feel for those who are having a really hard time at present.

I feel a little better already just to be corresponding with the site. Thank you and good luck to us all.

Hello Hi

sorry you have had to join this elite group however you will find this forum very informative and supportive.

I was diagnosed 2/2/07 with invasive grade 3 nodes and surrounding tissues affected. That said my treat ment is going really well had my 3rd shot of chemo last Friday. None of it has been as bad as i expected. Fortunately I was good excellent health until this cropped up so I have had a good base to start from. I’m sure your medical team will work together to make the treatment go well for you.

Like you I am so lucky in having a really supportive husband who continues to make feel attractive and loved even when I was moulting all over the carpets and I now have natty little tube sticking out of my chest. It must be very hard having you man laid up in hospital - I hope all goes well with his op and he is home soon so that you can be there for each other.

Take care and both of you keep strong - or hopefully take turns at holding each other up. Let us know how things go -

stress and strains Hi Swanie,
Just returned from hospital after visiting hubbie. After a problem with inserting one of the three stents all went well.
Thank goodness I can drive already, 90 mile round trip to see him. Hopefully, after oncology appointment tomorrow I will drive to pick him up.
Had offers to pick him up from relies and friends but need to do it myself, if you know what I mean.
Take care, I am glad your treatment is going well and you also have a supportive husband, we are lucky.

Hello eileenmary I am so sorry you have had to join us…you have obviously had/have a bad time with things without the added worry of BC.
What a long way to travel…I hope your apt., goes well tomorrow and you are able bring hubby home tomorrow…I too have a wonderful husband…don’t know what i’d do without him.

take care
karen x