Stress - how big a part does it play?

When I finished treatment and things had settled down somewhat, although I accepted that there must be something in my genetic make-up that predisposed me to cancer (I was not the first one in my family to have it) I could not help wondering what had ‘awoken’ the cancer at that particular time. I read a post by a new forum member who wrote that she felt that her breast cancer may have been brought on by the “shock” of her cat dying. Just prior to diagnosis I was under an immense amount of stress that had more or less peaked and my personal feeling is that my cancer starting at this time may have been more than a coincidence. I can’t help wondering how many other people noticed that they had been feeling stressed just before their diagnosis.

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Well, I’m with Charys & Magical on this.

 I initially felt the same way in looking for links, but, no, I feel it’s just one of those things. I nearly didn’t go for that routine mammo as we were flying out on holiday that day & came home 3 weeks later to find the recall letter for an appointment the following day - I’d had no symptoms at all. As I have no family history, I still didn’t believe it could be bc, until the biopsy results came back.

The rogue cells have probably been there for quite a long time before bc is diagnosable, so any issues immediately prior to diagnosis are most likely just coincidence. As my first routine screen was clear, mine probably kicked off about 2 years previously, when nothing out of the ordinary was going on for me at the time.

I see it as just one of those things life throws at you.

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