Stressed and in pain

Since being given my diagnosis i have been completely stressed out, I start off fine but I end up stressing over stupid stuff! Ice also been in pain, although not sure if imgaining it because I know its there or its my bodies way of telling me to slow down and chill out!

Hi Queenbee,
I think most of us have been there when first diagnosed & its quite normal to experience swings in mood & feelings. Diagnosis is always a shock & sometimes it comes out in unexpected ways as you describe.
This phase does pass & as you say, be kind to yourself.
ann x

Hi I too am stressed, using herbal Kalms to help, and lavender oil in oil burner.


I am also writing a journal of my jouney, adding inspirational quotes, pictures, as well as my woes:)


Also started crochet blanket squares.


But still can’t sleep well, dread the worse.


Even though aurgeon says caught early due to screening.


I got grade 2 invasive ductal tumour and DCIS. Lump only 13mm though sure its got bigger but nurse says its just swelling from biopsy.


Its been so helpful here, much more help then from medics I have found.


But I also try not to read things not relevant to me yet as it worries me more.


Being stressed together with others does help a bit LoL :slight_smile:

Queen be that’s the exact way I’ve been feeling my whole body has been aching and so exhausted. I actually think it’s shock I spoke to a counsellor and she said it’s like we are grieving. I really do think it feels exactly like grief. I think I’m a week or so ahead of you with diagnosis 15th of March for me. And it’s literally the past 2 days I’ve felt get out and about and do normal.stuff. though I still don’t feel.great I feel.slightly better! Previous to tye past 2 days i was only going out for school runs. I convinced myself last week I had bone cancer and also a brain tumour due to my constant headaches and dizziness! I could do with some calming techniques too if anyone has any… specially before going for any results I almost have a breakdown! So your definitely not alone in what your feeling! X

It is just like grief, it is a shock and your body plays tricks on you. You can’t eat, sleep or think properly.


I am 2 weeks post mx. The only way I could cope was to talk to friends and work colleagues. The more people I told, the easier it was to get my head around it. And most people could offer advice as most knew someone who had gone through it.


I also grieved, I cried and cried for my old life pre diagnosis. Then I stopped crying and decided that this is what my new life will be and to just get on with it. I had to choose over lumpectomy or mastectomy. I also had 2 days notice for op as got a cancellation, my original date was 12 days later.


My treatment plan was surgery, chemo and then 50:50 if I need rads. So my husband suggested that in my mind I break it down into the 3 stages and then just focus on each stage as I go through it.


Good luck and hugs to all.



Thank you for your replies. Melia i got diagnosed 22 nd so a week behind you. I hit a low… i kept feeling fine but then not fine, bit confused at it all! Still haven’t processed it all in… i kept having small crying episodes! I MRI last week which drained me. My body aches and im exhausted! I saw my breast care nurse on Thursday and since then actually felt alot better, just having someone professional to talk to has helped alot! She said that ill be emotionally drained by it all and I wouldn’t of processed it yet… ive been able to laugh more and i went out last night with some friends and forgot I had this awful disease! I was me again! I have anot appointment on Wednesday with my doctor/surgeon if my MRI results have come back to talk type of surgery i will have and treatment plan if there is one!